Who Has Time to Sew?

I’ll bet no one thought I had any time to sew this week, with all the webpage problems/complaining I’ve been doing, right? Sleep is what I really missed out on this week! I found a bit of time to sew — this is it!

black and white blocks

And, I finished the binding on my Poinsettia quilt.

 Poinsettia Quilt

Chad was in the mood to bake today so he made Sweet Corn Raisin Bread — with yeast and kneading and all!  I don’t like raisins so I picked out the raisins to taste it and it’s quite tasty!  Good job, Chad!


Chad's Bread



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    Karen L says

    Your site looks nice. I’ve tried this blogging thing but I can’t get it to look like anything that resembles everyone else’s.

    Chad’s bread looks really yummy. Is he looking for a girlfriend? A very handsome gentleman that dresses nice and can bake. What more could a girl want.

  2. 5


    what a catch that guy will be. Cute and he can cook too. I’ve got one of those cool cutie/cook types. We’re celebrating our 24th Monday.
    The bread looks delicious.
    Has he thought about being a chef?