Here’s my Story

And I’m sticking to it! 🙂

Some of this fabric was already here. You can click on the picture to see a larger image. Before Mom and Dad arrived for Christmas, I found a good size pile of unwashed fabric so I stuck it in a cabinet in the laundry room. Some in this picture was that older fabric so it didn’t get added into my numbers for this week. See the green stack — the bottom one and the top two are new. On the far right pile, all four reds are new, one of the top two browns is new, two of the golds are new.

Here’s how it happened. Remember Chad’s quilt? I love that green fabric! I have it in red, purple, gold, ecru and probably something else but . . I no longer had it in green. Every time I’d look at my stash, I’d say to myself . . I no longer have that green fabric that I love! That’s a definite sign that I have a problem that needs professional help, right? Oh! Stop saying yes . . you all have the same problem I have!

I ordered 9 yards of it. Don’t ask me why I chose 9 yards . . I could’ve gotten 10 or 12 or 6 but I got 9.

About the red – I’m not real happy with the red that I chose for my red, black and white quilt. I have the perfect red – a dimple fabric, but I don’t have enough of it. I have brighter reds, duller reds, orangey reds but nothing as perfect as that dimple fabric. But, I didn’t order the dimple fabric . . I ordered four other fabrics hoping one of them would work. I think the top red one in this stack will work.

The golds? I don’t know . . I never seem to have just the perfect shade of gold.

So, you see . . I wasn’t just adding to the stash but I was actually getting fabric that I need!

Stash Addition

And, just because I have a new camera, I needed to play around and take some pictures!

Vince & Speck


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    Karen L says

    Great picture!!! Is the dog sitting in Vince’s lap the same one that gives him such problems when you are away from home??? They look like best buddies now.

    Karen L

  2. 2


    You’re just telling the honest truth there! It so hard to perfectly match the colors that you NEED. Not all golds are the same. Not all reds are the same. Same can be said for all the colors–it takes time to find the exact right one. and then we just have to find a use for the others that have snuck into the stash. 🙂

  3. 3


    Love the pinks in the stack! I’ve been admiring Chad’s quilt too, as you were working on it. Those colors look similar to the ones in “Topsy Turvy Nine Patch”, and I just love them. That’s on my list of quilts to make.

  4. 4


    I’m sure there are those who won’t believe you, Judy, but I’m not one. Your explanations sound perfectly reasonable to me. =)

  5. 5


    Yummy!!!!!!!!! I think your explaination is totally understandable. 🙂 There are needs and there are wants…water is a want….fabric is a NEED!!!! hahahaha

  6. 6


    Judy–you need a better story than that!! LOL a little weak on why you needed stash–dig deep girl–get creative! LOL I know you can do it! Oh wait–I’m gonna want some mercy at some point this year–so I believe it! You NEEDED it!!

  7. 7

    Evelyn says

    Ummm – that wouldn’t be the very same Speck who was snapping and growling at Vince while you were away??? LOL!