Wednesday Fun

My friend from Springfield, Elaine, met me in Joplin today for lunch. I had several things to do:

  • Take back a purse that I had used one week and the stitching had come out of the handle
  • Go by Office Depot and pick up a refund due on my camera
  • Take a book back to Books-A-Million for Vince
  • Buy myself a couple of pairs of jeans

What was NOT on my agenda was to buy fabric. Thank you very much, Elaine! She was looking for a particular fabric (she always is!) so she wanted to go by Sew Neat and see if they had it. I told her I needed to find some jeans but I’d meet her at Block by Block. This is what came home with me.

red fabric

 Well, the dog didn’t come home with me. He was here guarding the house while Elaine was causing me to buy fabric! This is not the perfect red dimple fabric I was looking for but it’s the almost perfect red crackle that will have to do. I will wash this fabric tonight and use it tomorrow so . . no fair bugging me about adding to the stash.

Speck looking out window

 Isn’t Speck so cute? Every now and then he’s so sure there’s something interesting on the back deck and he’ll stand there for the longest time just looking from left to right and right to left but I doubt he ever spots anything.

 We’ve always used just a regular collar on Speck but knew we needed to use a harness. We bought one several years ago and couldn’t figure out how to get it on him. Maybe we’re not playing with a full deck but we tried and tried and finally I think I threw the thing away. Speck has a bad front right shoulder and we have to be real careful what we do with it and I was probably too afraid of hurting his shoulder. But, Daisy wears a harness and Vicky showed me several times (that not quite full deck again!) how to get it on and I’m still not sure I have it all figured out right And, Vicky had one that was too small for Daisy so she gave it to me for Speck. It seems to be working and he isn’t bothered by it. When he goes to the vet for a nail trim soon, I’ll have them make sure I have it on right.




  1. 1


    You have it on him right! The strap has to go under their armpits, and you nailed it! This put so much less stress on their neck and shoulders. He’ll thank you for it!

    Crackle is my second favorite fabric behind Dimples! Good purchase!

    Thanks for fixing that link! More stash busting is on the way! (Hugs)

  2. 3


    I love the pic of Speck at the window. Our Honey does that, but part of our new discipline routine for Leo, does not permit this any more.
    The red looks very …red, haha!

  3. 4


    If you don’t want to buy new fabric, don’t enter a quilt shop or an online quilt shop site!!!! We lack willpower when it comes to fabric.

  4. 6

    pdudgeon says

    i think Speck just wanted to pose for you and show off his new harness. it looks great!

    love the red fabric!