Grumpy Dog

While in CA, I had blogged about Vince not being able to get Speck out of the crate in the in the mornings. Here’s that story. I was very sure that Speck wouldn’t act that way with me but yesterday, about 9:00 a.m., as we were getting ready to leave to go to Joplin, Vince was going to take Speck out for a walk.  Speck is a lot like me in that he doesn’t like to get up real early and anything before about 11:00 a.m. is real early for Speck.  He growled at Vince, snapped at him and then went back under the covers in his crate.  I told him to get out and he ignored me.  Then I reached in to get him . . wrong thing to do!  He snapped at me and thank goodness he grabbed his blanket and not my hand but he had no intentions of coming out of there til he was good and ready.

Last night I was telling Chad how Speck had growled at me and Chad was so sure Speck wouldn’t do it to him.  I was sitting in the chair knitting and Speck was sitting next to me.  Chad began petting him and here’s the video of the latter half of the event.


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    I played the video, Hannes was sitting beside me on the ottoman. When he heard Speck growl he cocked his head, looked at the computer I was holding, and began barking at the laptop! Too, too funny!!

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    I’m laughing hysterically at the fact that your last comment is “Chad, give it to him, he’s gonna get hurt” I guess we know where man and dog come in the order of things in your house..really funny. Thanks Judy. Got my day off to a fun start.

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    8^)Susan says

    Don’t ya just love when the kids prove to themselves that MOM WAS RIGHT! I love it. Maybe next time he’ll believ you when you say the dog will growl…or not.