Sunday Report

Tell us how you did.  If you’re feeling really good about your numbers, congratulations!  If you’re feeling a bit down, read some of the other reports.  Last week I read that someone had added 101 yards!  Dawn, that would be you!!  I felt really good after having read about her additions.  There’s always someone who can make us feel real good about our little slip ups.  I’ve been following Vicky‘s stashbusting efforts this week and if anyone busted more stash that she did, I’ll be real surprised.  I’ve seen her stash and I’m here to tell you — she can go at this rate for weeks and weeks and weeks and never make a dent in that stash!

Travel around the sites of those who link up with us and see what they’ve done.  You’ll either get a good laugh or some great inspiration.


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    101 yards!!! heeheehee Yep, I really did! 🙂 And I have the go-ahead from my hubby to get some more on Weds. I think I may go for batting this time. At the fabric market they have these gigantic! “spools” of batting for $2.00 a yard. I am thinking I must represent my sister quilters and GO BIG!! hahahahaha
    Have a wonderful day Judy!!

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    I am in awe of everyone. I worked on two miniatures this week (from stash, but probably less than a yard and a half total for both quilts) . . . but I did make a test block for my next stash-busting quilt 😉

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    Finally got around to do an estimate of what I’ve done so far this year. I was feeling guilty as I’ve purchased 31.5 yards – not any longer now that I know how much Dawn added! I busted a bunch too, so I have a net loss of 9 yards. That’s better than I thought I was doing!

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    Gee, I can’t imagine buying 101 yards in one trip (the most I think I have ever done was 35).

    Hey Judy, I guess Speck really likes his bones, huh??!!! He really sounds like an attack dog in your video.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!