Sunset 1


Please click on the images for a better view. Aren’t these two pictures gorgeous? They were taken about 2 minutes apart this evening. The “real feel” temp is hovering around zero. The sunset was so beautiful, I didn’t even realize how cold I was (with a short sleeved T-shirt and no jacket) til I walked in the house and couldn’t stop shivering. Almost every evening I watch the sunset hoping to get a good picture. Tonight, I grabbed my camera and as I was just focusing, Chad said “I’m taking pictures too!” He scared the heck out of me .. he was up on top of the boat he’s building and I didn’t even know he was outside.



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    Gorgeous photos! Our apartment faces west and we have wonderful afternoon light and sunsets that I’m really going to miss when we move.

    We looked at some more townhouses this past weekend and if things go well this week – meaning the closing in Marietta goes through, we might just move sooner than expected although I’m not sure I want to pack up again even for a local move.