Another Finish

We woke up yesterday morning to quite a bit of ice and while it was so beautiful (especially since I didn’t have to get out in it), I just couldn’t get warm. Seems like I’d turn the heat up til I was too hot but as soon as I turned it down just a bit, I was cold. There are just a few things that are on my “gotta have” list for when we buy a house but gas heat might be added to the list. Electric heat . . especially this darned heat pump, just doesn’t feel warm when it’s so blasted cold outside. But, then as I’m sitting here complaining, I remember our ancestors who had to go out and chop wood, and build a fire not only to keep warm but also to cook and warm the water for bathing in those cold, metal wash tubs and maybe I suddenly feel extremely thrilled to have a heat pump that doesn’t keep my house so toasty warm and electric water heaters that run out of water because there’s a teen in the house and then take forever to re-heat.

Anyway, I felt fidgety yesterday — couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do. Vince didn’t come home for lunch due to the weather and as dumb as it sounds, because I’m so set in my ways, that just threw my routine out of whack. Instead of rushing around to get things done so I could get lunch on the table at the right time, I piddled all morning.  I did get the cooking done – made chili, an overflowing crockpot of shipwreck stew, potroast with potatoes and carrots, more meatballs and bread. Then I decided a nap might be what I needed but as soon as I got comfy with my quilt, my mind started thinking of things I needed to do so I got up. I finished a sock, started another pair (it didn’t matter that I already had two more started!) and then I finished the binding on this quilt.

Valentine Top

I made this top using Tonya’s letters, which you can find over on Bonnie’s Quiltville. I had quilted it before we left Kentucky and had started doing the handwork on the binding but had only done a few inches.  This was Vince’s Valentine’s present last year . . even though it wasn’t finished!   Here’s the backing, which I love!

Heart Backing

I used my favorite batting, Mountain Mist Cream Rose, King Tut thread and quilted it with the Baptist Fans template.


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    Dot says

    I was just thinking about this quilt and wondering if it was finished. I couldn’t remember if I had seen a completed picture and here it is today. Very nice. I like it.

  2. 9


    Very nice. 🙂 Better late than never, right?

    I wondered how you were doing in the cold yesterday. We were fortunate to not get hit with the ice, but I sure felt sorry for you. Stay warm.


  3. 10


    It’s wonderful, Happy Valentine’s Day! I completely understand the routine “thing” and how one little unexpected turn can throw it all off kilter; I’m the same way. The more I have to do the more I get done AND stay on schedule. When I don’t have a “full plate” all that efficiency goes down hill in a hurry…

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    Okay, you will probably laugh at me. I forgot to bookmark your new site. So, I have Google Reader that tells me when the blogs I read are updated. Nothing from you in a little while. I thought “Oh, maybe she went to see her parents or something.”

    Then I really started wondering about it today at work. Is she okay? Was there an accident? It’s not like Judy not to post. I even went as far as checking the weather in your area to see if there was anything major going on that would possibly cause an internet outage for you.

    Tonight, I was sifting through my email addresses looking for your email when it dawned on me you posted you had a new website. I completely forgot to update my Google Reader.

    I read your blog every day and I was missing it! Okay, now that I know you are all okay, I am going to do some catching up on this blog.

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    Evelyn says

    Great use of a big variety of fabrics!!! I know that you prefer to make quilts out of yardage, but gosh, those scrappy ones are always my favorites! Great job finishing it – and very timely finish too even if it did take an extra year!



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    Judy, your Valentine’s quilt is so beautiful. Taking a whole year to finish it – you can give it to him all over again, this time as a finished quilt. Saves you from getting another present. LOL

    About the heat, I prefer gas heat to electric too, but my new gas furnace, the air feels cold when it comes out. I’m not sure if this is my problem, or if it is just a matter of the more efficient furnaces, but I just read that if a furnace is too big for your house, then it won’t feel as warm, because it is finished one process while another process has barely begun. So make sure your heating needs are evaluated before buying a new furnace. I don’t know how to do this, but maybe there is a way you can compare different furnaces before you get one. Or at least look at Consumer Reports. When I bought one, I did a lot of research into air conditioners, and the guy said he would replace the furnace for a very low price if both are done at the same time. Since the furnace was really old, and had big temperature swings, I let him replace it.