You blog readers are amazing! I just came downstairs to turn off the computer and I can’t believe how many of you have ordered the patterns and book. I hope you’re doing this because you truly want what I’m offering and not because you feel like you have to do it or something! But .. why would you feel that way? I guess you don’t.

I’m leaving in the morning to go to Kansas City to teach and will be back Friday night. I will not be able to get the orders out til Monday simply because .. I’m really a horrible business person.

I put those patterns up on the web page today and I guess I didn’t have a clue that anyone would really order them and I don’t have any envelopes to send them out so I’ll get all that Saturday and then I’ll mail them on Monday and next time, I’ll be more prepared I’ll have a better excuse.

Thank you!


  1. 1

    Evelyn says

    Just send VINCE to the store to buy you some shipping supplies and you will be all set for YEARS to come!!! LOL – now I’ve got to go check out your previous post to see what needs mailing!


  2. 2


    I love Chad’s quilt but then 9 patch quilts are my favorite. Since I have WAY too much to do before thinking about starting another one, waiting for the pattern won’t be a problem!

  3. 3

    Carol E. says

    I’m excited to get a pattern of yours! No rush, but it’ll be fun to have and to make the quilt.

  4. 5


    You are the amazing one, Judy!!! I am so excited to get the Topsy Turvy pattern. No big rush to get them though, have lots of other projects in the making.