Kansas City Report

The night time Kansas City guild had invited me to speak there last Thursday.  I drove over on Thursday and spent the afternoon with my quilting buddy, Jeanne.  Her friend, Angela came over and spent the afternoon with us and we talked and talked and talked!

The night time guild is a large one and I met a whole room full of very nice quilters!

I spent the night with Jeanne and she kept me up way too late! 🙂  Another longarmer, Mary Beth,  came over and spent the morning with us.  Jeanne loaded some black fabric on her Millennium and we spent the entire morning playing with quilting designs.  That’s something I should do more often — take the time to play with new designs!

About 2:00 p.m. I left Jeanne’s house and was almost to 435 when a cell phone began ringing but it wasn’t my cell phone!  Jeanne had left her cell phone in my car so I turned around and went back and met her at the convenience store near her house.  We laughed so hard . . that was the kind of thing I would’ve done . . leave something important behind.

Yesterday morning I woke up and decided I had the flu but I took 2 aspirins, a long nap and am fine today.  I think Jeanne just wore me out!

There’s a Whole Foods in KC (maybe 2 of them) and I have been wanting to go there for weeks.  I plugged the address into my GPS and was only about 8 miles from it but I didn’t know if there were any bridges between me and Whole Foods so I didn’t try to go.  I hate having that problem!  Chad has promised to go back over there with me one day when he doesn’t have school and the weather is ok.

The plan was to spend yesterday sewing but I spent yesterday sleeping.  Then the plan was to spend today sewing but I’ve spent today cleaning  house and working on my web page.  Maybe I’ll sew on Monday!


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    Marilyn says

    Judy, sounds like alot of fun in a short time. Think I know those girls from the APQS site. Bet you will go up for MAS!

    I ordered the CL..alot of it. Should arrive this week.. am so excited. Also think I am going to jump in on doing Catch a Spinning Star using Doreen Speckman’s Provence line. I have had that fabric for years and like you, could not bear to cut into it. It is something I can never replace. But, it time to sew up some stash and be able to replace it..

    Hope you are feeling better. Was fun talking with you the other day.

    Take care, love you!


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    It sounds like a great friend-break in KC! I love Whole Foods. We always shop there when we visit San Francisco. They seem to be everywhere in that area!