Stash Report Week #7

I was thinking of writing that my dog ate my report and therefore, I can’t tell you what I did last week but it could’ve been worse.

I bought no fabric and I used no fabric. Pretty amazing for an avid quilter, huh?

Do you want to hear what I did all week? Probably not but maybe I’ll feel better after trying to convince you that I wasn’t a slacker.

Monday I spent most of the day cooking. Monday the mail man brought my first shipment of yarn from the Simply Sock Yarn 2008 Yarn Club. Oh, it’s yummy alright.  It’s really, really yummy yarn. It’s so darned yummy that I stayed up half the night Monday and then sat in the recliner all day Tuesday and knitted.  One sock is completed and the second sock is almost completed and then I’ll show you my yummy new socks!
Wednesday is the day I decided to figure out how to do paypal and add my patterns and books for sale on my web page. Yes, it took me all day and half the night!

Thursday and Friday I was in Kansas City. I could’ve said the word and Jeanne would have hauled me to any quilt shop in the area . . but I didn’t say the word! 🙂

Saturday I felt really, really bad and spent most of the day convincing myself that I would make it through the day.

Sunday (today) I wasted more time working on my web page.

There ya go . . one whole week passed — nothing gained, nothing lost! 🙂

Fabric Added This Week – 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date – 41 yards

Fabric Used This Week – 0 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date – 42.50 yards

Net year to date: 1.5 yards used


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    Judy, Judy, Judy…It looks to me like you have prepared meals ready to go, several new socks, an updated website, and the knowledge that you have shared your talent with other quilters. I’d call that a pretty good week! SLacker! not even close.


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    kim says

    Glad you’re feeling better 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what patterns you’re going to be selling as one I had bookmarked is gone. See what I get for not doing it when I saw it.
    Enjoy your night

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    Did you join the 3 month club? I got mine last week too, but haven’t started on the socks yet, I’m still trying to find time to finish the last pair I started. It’s gorgeous…what pattern did you use?

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    Learning how to do new web site things and working on your website is time well spent in my book. I’ve had stuff in that category on my to do list for ages.

    Just 2 days ago, I started learning how to customize the blog layout with the new Blogger templates. I’ve kept my customized classic template until now. It’s fun figuring things out, but it does take time. I still have to work on the comment and post pages before I’m ready to take it live on my blog. I have another blog I use to test format changes so I don’t mess up the real blog.

  5. 5


    I have just added my 6 months stash redusing report to my blog.
    It is inspirating to be with you and other stash users 🙂

    Good luck with selling your book and your patterns!