I’m Ready!

It’s a new week and I’m very ready. My Stash Report this week will be a whole lot different than last week! I have little on my calendar for this week, which should mean lots of sewing time.

All the books/patterns ordered last week are packed and ready to go. I’ll get them to the post office tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone for ordering my stuff.

The food for this week is all well on the way to being done so I’m basically finished cooking for the entire week already! Red beans are still simmering, bread is still rising, a beef roast and a pork roast are in the oven (in separate dishes!) and except for making BBQ cups on Tuesday, which I’ll do just before we eat them, the big stuff for the week is done.

I signed up for Sock Madness. I make the same basic sock pattern over and over so this may be over my head but it’s time to expand my horizons and knit something other than plain Jane socks.

My project for this week is to work on a UFO I’ve called “Extra Blocks from Katlin’s Quilt”. Several years ago I made a quilt for my great niece, Katlin. Since I was making these partial quarter square triangles, I could either piece them individually (or there’s another way but I didn’t use it) or make them the way I always make them. But, using my method, I got one partial quarter square triangle to use in the quilt and one that is a reverse. I figured I’d just make two quilts, one with the spin going one direction and one with it going the other direction. I never did anything with the other blocks so it’s been listed on the UFO list for a while. One of my online groups has a UFO challenge where we list 12 projects in January and then a number is pulled each month and that’s what we have to finish. February is Katlin’s number so that’s the quilt I have to get done by the end of the month. If I can just get the top finished, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something. Here’s where this little jewel stands right now.


I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.


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    Great start on the quilt! The hard part is over! LOL. And all the food you’ve cooked already today! You’re my hero!! (Hugs)

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    That’s an interesting way to decide what UFO to work on – I kind of randomly choose mine.

    I absolutely need to get the blocks on my design wall assembled this month!

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    Rebecca says

    I’ve made stars like that! I “made up” the pattern on my own, wanting something just a little different (Vicky, don’t roll your eyes). They’re fun when you get them all together like up there (on Tuesday).