Wastin’ Time

Katlin’s Stars

My grandma was such a piddler and I’m going to blame her for this inherited trait.  It’s so fun to blame all my faults on someone else . . especially my poor, old grandma who is no longer around to defend herself!  I had such big plans for getting so much sewing done today and I never touched my machine.

I don’t even know what I did all afternoon.  I can account for most of my morning – cooking, baking bread, laundry, vacuuming . . but the afternoon just slipped by me.

I truly thought I’d get all of these blocks trimmed and maybe a bit of sewing done.  Nope, didn’t happen.  I got almost 1/3 of them trimmed and nothing sewed.

There’s always tomorrow, right?  After I go to the bank, the post office, PT and the grocery store!  Ughhh . . I need a helper!


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    Evelyn says

    Your blocks look pretty altogether like that! I often have days when what I have scheduled just doesn’t work out – like you say – there is always tomorrow. And at least your family will be well feed!



  2. 4


    I love this block. It seems like I am always really busy, but I sure don’t accomplish as much as I would like. Oh well, as long as I get to handle fabric in some way every day I am happy.

  3. 5


    hey–you could have written MY blog–because that’s exactly how MY day went today! I was trying to tell my hubby what I did today–and really couldn’t say much of anything, although I was busy! LOL I did sew a label on a quilt and sewed a binding on the top of a quilt, but that’s it! Love that quilt, by the way!

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    Lori says

    Those blocks are stunning–I love bright colors. Do you have a setting picked?? Some days are spent running back and forth and it seems NOTHING got done. Tomorrow will be a whole ‘nother day.