Weather Forecast

How does this look for a warm and cozy weather forecast?  It surely has me counting down the days til I go home (Louisiana) – 15 days!  As much as I love MO, our two winters here have made me realize I want to go south and I wouldn’t mind at all if it happened tomorrow.  It won’t  happen so I’d better just knit myself some more warm socks and shut up about the ice.

Last winter, we had more snow that they’ve had here in years and years.  Everyone assured me that was a weird winter and it wouldn’t happen again.  This year, we’ve had more ice than they’ve had in years and years.  The weatherman can tell us exactly why it’s happening but dang it . . I’m tired of walking around on ice trying to convince Speck that it’s ok to walk on it and go do what he has to do.  And, I know Vince is sick of scraping ice off his truck.  Last winter he parked in the garage and I’m betting he’s wishing he was parking in there this winter too.

We have a lot of ice on the ground this morning — I’m betting at least an inch, maybe more, and it’s still falling.  We are lucky in that it is coming down as sleet and not freezing rain so it isn’t sticking to the trees and power lines but the roads . . that’s a different story.  Schools are canceled so at least Chad doesn’t have to get out in it.

Not much I can do about the weather so I suppose I’ll just go sew or knit.


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    Betty J in OKC says

    Just remember that all weather YOU get usually hits me first. 😉 Be thankful that you can be home working instead of having to get out and go to work. I’m blessed that this nasty weather usually hits on my days’ off work. Have fun knitting! It’s a sewing day for me. I’m on step 2 of the CC mystery.

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    The temp here is up to 29 today……. This cold weather is starting to get to me.

    Shipped top on Monday. tracking number

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Oh Judy…you don’t want to know. No I’m not going to tell you…you’ll really be frustrated…No I will not tell you it is 82 degrees (4pm), sun is shining and beautiful soft trade winds blowing…no I won’t tell you that. It’s a tough life but SOMEONE had to volunteer! (VBG) Stay inside and stay warm!