Lectures & Workshops

Last week I added the list of workshops and lectures that I’m available to teach to my website.  You can get all the info on my Sunshine Quilts website if your guild or group is interested in having me come teach for you.  One lady I’ve been working with to try to schedule a workshop contacted me this morning to see if I would teach Vicky’s Quilt.

Vicky's Quilt

I had forgotten how much I like this quilt, so I added it to my list of workshops.

Christmas, 2004 Vicky sent me a huge assortment of tone on tone, hand dyed looking fabrics from a Pat Campbell collection.  I surprised Vicky by making this quilt using some of the fabrics.  Click on the picture to get a bigger picture and see it up close and personal.  I’m thrilled to add this quilt to my list of available workshops!


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    That is my very favorite quilt! Thank you, Judy!! Do you need to have it for the class? Let me know if you do, and I’ll get it off to you! But only to borrow!! LOL. ILY

  2. 2

    Bev says

    I wish you were near me! I would love to hear your lecture on Quilt as Desired. I bet it’s awesome.

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    Jeanne R. says

    Beautiful! Did you paper piece the stars? I love your quilting on this! (Sorry about all the ice. I’ll tell the weatherman to take it out of our forecast, ok?)

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    Hi Judy: Love “Vicky’s Quilt” such a feeling of movement.
    Right now I figure I’ve spent almost as much on snow removal as I have on food this winter. Ready for spring right now!!!
    Janet in snowy coastal Nova Scotia