Week in Review

If I had a theme for this week, it would have to be Wastin’ Time. I have so much sewing to get done, deadlines that must be met, projects that must be done and I just can’t get it in gear. I haven’t been sick, haven’t felt bad, but I seem to have no energy. Too much time has been spent sitting in the recliner and I just never do that. Not only are things not getting done but Speck has gotten very spoiled. When I get up, he follows me around whining and all he wants is for me to come sit in the chair with him. I can’t stand a whining kid or a whining dog!

I’m going to blame my yarn buying frenzy on Ravelry and Samantha. Since I’ve been sitting in the recline, I’ve been looking at all the projects and new yarn on Ravelry. I know . . I’m weak but I’ve spent hours looking at all the online yarn shops. There’s an ad at the bottom of almost every page and I click on them. Note to Self: Stop clicking on those ads!

Oh, yes . . since I’m not accepting any responsibility for this buying frenzy, I’m also going to blame the Sock Madness group. OK .. I feel better. Everyone responsible for this yarn buying incident has been blamed (except for me, of course!).

Here’s what I did.

  1. For the Sock Madness, one of the rounds will require lace weight, which will be doubled. I had no lace weight at all so I ordered this. It’s from Fearless Fiber and a merino lace weight. This color is Daydream and I needed 2 skeins.

    Fearless Fiber yarn

  2. Then I realized I actually need one skein that is a bit different in color from the other color I’m using so I had to order this, also from Fearless Fiber. This color is Feeling Blue (and I “borrowed” the picture from Fearless Fiber because I just ordered my yarn today).


  3. And, heck, while I was at Fearless Fiber, I decided to get this gorgeous merino sock yarn.


  4. And, everyone on Ravelry kept talking about a yarn shop called Eat, Sleep, Knit so I went there and ordered 8 skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn (4 colors but it takes 2 of each to make a pair of socks). I got the following colors: Tuscany, Camouflage, Watercolor and Black Purl.
  5. Then, Samantha mentioned that Jimmy Bean’s Wool has a great price on Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock — something about the dye/color not being quite right but for the price, they’ll be just fine! There I ordered 2 of each of the following colors: Sherbet, Somerset, Child’s Play, Amethyst Stripe, Baltic Sea, Ice House, Devon, Envy, and Georgetown.

Just so you don’t think I’m only shopping, I did finish one sock last night.


And, I have this sock that’s finished. It’s made from a neat yarn – 46% bamboo, 43% wool and 11% nylon.


Now . . stop talking to me . . I must go knit! 🙂


  1. 1

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    You forgot the weather…can’t get in the groove because the weather is sooo cold. It is NOT your fault!

  2. 2


    I’d love to go on a yarn shopping spree but I just went on a scrapbooking supplies shopping spree and I have to wait for that to clear the mastercard so I don’t give poor hubby a stroke. Happy shopping and I hope you feel up to par soon. I’ve been a sofa potato lately too. I think it’s this dang long winter. We had 8 more inches of snow today. 🙁

  3. 3


    At least you’re finishing socks – I’m just sitting around on the computer waiting on realtors, mortgage companies and Keith and running around finding information and documents to email.

    Keith leaves on Sunday for a week in Denmark – I’m going to make a list and actually get something done.

  4. 4


    Time’s not wasting. Look at all the gorgeous socks you’re making! You’re always going at top speed, so it’s a very good thing to sit next to Speck and knit! Yes, it is!

  5. 5


    Hi Judy,

    I was delighted to find out that you knit as well as quilt! And thanks so much for the yarn shop tips. Of course, I don’t need any more yarn, fabric, or cross stitch projects….but oh the temptation of it all. What’s your favorite sock pattern? I just finished a really pretty scarf with a pattern from Heartstrings. Well, off to check the websites……

    Happy knitting from Seattle!

  6. 6

    Carol E. says

    I got your pattern in the mail, and I love it! I hope I don’t have to wait a million years before I can make it. I’m trying to force myself to finish ufo’s and not start new projects… can I hold out??

  7. 7

    pdudgeon says

    going back to the quilt show today. they also have yarn booths there, so i’ll definitely drop in at those as well. hoping they have ready knitted sox to buy so i can get the feel of hand knit sox before i take the plunge.

  8. 8

    pdudgeon says

    yesterday i got a chance to see and feel the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn.
    Oh my! soooo soft and beautiful…no wonder you bought!