Quiltathon Anyone?

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After a whole week of no sewing, no motivation, no “get up and go”, I decided I need to take this bull by the horns and motivate myself to get some serious sewing done. When my sewing room is a total disaster, it isn’t fun for me to go down and start sewing. My sewing room is worse than a total disaster right now. I’ve neglected sewing in order to get work done on my web page, move the blog over here to WordPress, get patterns written and printed, knit, . . lots of distractions but I’m the only one who can make the decision and stick with it to get myself back on track.

I was thinking a Quiltathon might be fun. Maybe make it a monthly event, maybe the first Saturday of each month. The first Quiltathon will be Saturday, March 1. Before anyone starts moaning, let me put forth some of my thoughts, and I’m open to discussion/suggestions.


  • The whole purpose is to motivate each other and maybe get a little friendly competition going.
  • Not everyone will be available on Saturday but I figured for those who work or those who have small children at home and need help from your husband, Saturday will be the best day.
  • Depending on your location, “Saturday” will be different for you so you can either “quiltathon” on your Saturday or when we do ours.
  • Maybe every 3rd or 4th month, we’ll do it on a weekday and see how that goes. Maybe if there’s enough interest, we’ll eventually have a weekday Quiltathon and a weekend Quiltathon.
  • Not everyone will be able to sew the entire day and half the night – that’s ok — sew as much as you can.
  • Some will get a ton done, some will get just a little done – that’s ok too.
  • Projects can be anything quilt related that you want — piecing, quilting, binding, dying . . whatever suits you.
  • You do not have to have a blog to participate but if you will figure out how to leave comments on my blog, that will help me to know how much interest is shown.
  • There will be no prizes for now — maybe later but not at this time.
  • Details of how it all will work (or how I anticipate it will work) will be forthcoming when I see how much interest there is.

If you’re interested in participating in an online Quiltathon, would you leave me a comment or send me an e-mail (click on the link underneath my signature).



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    I’m in! Of course, my Saturdays are sometimes spent running errands or whatnot, so I might have to sew that weekend on Sunday. But I’m in!!

  2. 4

    Donna says

    I’m in for next weekend, but on Sunday. I already had plans to spend the afternoon sewing with friends.

  3. 7


    Sounds like a great idea! I’d love to join in the sewing fun. I’m taking a class with Bonnie Hunter on Saturday (YES), but can continue sewing on Sunday. Count me in!

  4. 8

    Marianne says

    I’m in also!!! This is a great excuse for NOT making dinner, “sorry, dear, I signed up for this Quiltathon and well, you know, don’t want to ley the others down,” hehe. Great idea Judes!

  5. 9

    Robin says

    I would love to play along and since I will be retreating the whole weekend I can sew and not have to worry about meals etc. This is a great idea…hope I’m not cheating by being at a retreat already!
    Robin in Kelso, WA

  6. 10


    I’d like to join in — although with a toddler around my sewing time is confined to two or three hours while she naps and however long I can stay awake after she goes to bed. But I’ll be one of the “get a little bit” done participants that make the rest of you look good. 🙂

  7. 11

    Janelle says

    Hi Judy. Please count me in. I have a huge pile of UFO’s and my first grandchild coming in September so I’ve got alot to work on!

  8. 14


    That sounds like soo much fun! Count me in. 🙂
    I have to leave to go back to the States this Saturday…I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks helping my mom take care of my dad…after I get home I’ll jump right in!!!
    Great idea Judy!

  9. 15


    Maybe this is just what I need to get some projects finished. For me I’m not sure if it will be Saturday or Sunday. I can’t plan that far ahead. :c)

  10. 16

    pdudgeon says

    sounds great to me. i need an good excuse to bust some of the new stash that i bought today.

  11. 17


    I haven’t sewn most of this week either – going back and forth between the realtor , the mortgage company, and Keith. However, Keith will leave tomorrow and not come home until Friday so I probably won’t sew on Saturday because he’ll only be home two days before leaving for another trip. But I will work this week!

  12. 20

    Marilyn says

    Judy – I’ll jump too. I will be working on that great Catch a Spinning Star. Can’t commit to a whole day-only to work on it as I can..it may be till fall or Xmas until the top is done. I have to give myself this leeway. Working on other stuff. Practicing with Katie. Just got my CL stuff. Going away thru Tuesday. Finishing up another top. I am trying to stay in control of stuff so I don’t end up with a pile of UFO’s.

    I’ll do the best I can do.



  13. 21


    Ok, I’ll bite on this one. I will probably be a “didn’t get much done” person, but at least I would get something done. This is a great idea, thanks for doing this!

  14. 22


    It’s so funny how sometimes I can be thinking of something, go to your blog, and you’re thinking the same thing!

    My idea was to have a sewing retreat, but do it through blogging. I was wondering how to go about doing it, and I love it that you are doing it!!

    Count me in!

  15. 26


    I would like to join, but I have to work every other Saturaday. I will be trying to get some quilting done, however. How fun!.

  16. 29


    This sounds like just the push I need to get myself back into the sewing room. I have so many many things I’s like to get finished. I’m in!

  17. 33


    I’m going to visit a couple of quilt shops in the morning as part of our shop hop but then I plan on spending the rest of the weekend quilting!

  18. 35


    I’m finally catching up on your blog – once again – yikes! How can I get so behind when I’m retired! Anyway, Bloglines says I have 72 posts to read – I think I’m about 2/3 of the way through now.

    I love this idea, but of course missed the first one. Can’t wait to read about how it went. I was doing some quilting – Saturday was one of my retreat days – but with a new grandson finally arrived from Guatemala on Saturday quilting is not my primary interest at the moment!