Quiltathon & Progress

Since many of you can Quiltathon on Saturday but not Sunday and many of you can Quiltathon on Sunday but not Saturday, how about we do it both days?  You can Quiltathon on Saturday or Sunday or both  .. whatever suits your schedule!  How’s that for trying to please everyone?  I surely have enough to keep me busy both days and will do my best to keep myself locked away in the sewing room.

We had a family discussion this evening that didn’t surprise me, nor did it please me but the bottom line is that we are not going to build the shop, nor are we going to finish the room I had wanted for the longarm.  Those two things I can live with but . . we’re also not putting up the fence that is necessary for me to have my garden and that makes me sad!  In order to keep peace and not say things I’ll regret (if you’re a wife, I’m sure you understand my predicament!), I came downstairs and sewed!   I got all the blocks put together.  Tomorrow I’ll hopefully work on the sashing and get the rows put together. These blocks were from a UFO from at least two years ago.


I’ll go ahead and put my stash report in here too.

Fabric Added This Week – 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date – 41 yards

Fabric Used This Week – 2.5 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date – 45.00 yards

Net year to date: 4 yards used


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    Evelyn says

    Judy – if you have a deck you could try some small containers for container gardening – at least start off with some fresh basil and maybe a small tomato plant. I’ve also grown salad greens in porch railing planters. Or try some hanging baskets. There are so many creative gardening ideas for small spaces.

    We keep making plans and changing them around here too. Hang in there.



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    My husband does Square Foot Gardening. There are several books out there. At one time, PBS had a program about it. He built small square areas with lumber and added the soil. It would be easy to add portable fencing from one of the depot places around it. It would give you a start on your garden.

    Thanks so much for organizing the Quiltathon! Next week is the annual Shop Hop here in Atlanta. I need all the help resisting the temptation to visit the shops that I can. My husband is traveling next weekend so I can sew both days!

    Again, thanks for all that you do!

    Take care!

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    pdudgeon says

    Brilliant solution, Judy! I need all the time i can get to bust the fabric that i just got at the quilt show. now i’m twice as far behind as i was ahead of the game. thank heavens these shows only come once a year.

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    I’m looking foward to the Quiltathon weekends! Thanks for organizing this!

    Hope you solve the garden issue. Nothing better than fresh herbs and veggies. (Hugs)

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    Pretty quilt! It kind of looks like the quilt that I want to make in the Laps from Fats quilt book… (not sure which book – I have a few of them.) But I want to make mine “completely scrappy”)