Work Hard!


Quiltathon is this weekend so we have to work hard to get ready.  If  you’re not participating with us, don’t get aggravated with me for talking about it here.  I’m just trying to get my fellow quiltathoners motivated!

What can you do today to help you have more sewing time on Saturday and/or Sunday?  I’m cooking . . which is what I usually do on Mondays.  I’ll post my menu for this week later.  Each day this week, I’m going to try to do something that will help free up some of my weekend for sewing.

Set some goals to get things done this week and try to get them done.  That always makes me feel like I’ve accomplished so much (meeting goals) and then I feel like I’m entitled to some fun time on the weekend.

One of my goals for this week is to finish two tops I have started.  Both are taking up parts of the design wall and I’d like to start Saturday with a clean design wall, as well as a clean cutting table.  That is a pretty lofty goal but I might can do it.  If you haven’t already done so, I’d like to suggest:

  • Set goals for getting things done around the house.  Make sure these are goals that you can actually do without killing yourself and make sure these are goals that will make you feel good about what you’ve done so that you feel it’s ok to take yourself some sewing time this weekend.
  • Set goals for your sewing room.  Do you need to clean, organize, pull fabric, make sure you have everything you need to get started?  Do it and be ready to sew this weekend.


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    I’ve been thinking about this all morning, as I was doing some vacuuming around the house. I have some big goals, which I hope to accomplish over Easter break. In my sewing room I’m at a loss, I just can’t decide what project to work on now that I’ve finished most of my piecing projects. I’m also called to hand work lately. I may be able to join you on Sunday, but I’ll be away Friday and Saturday this week. Thanks for a thought provoking post!

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    HOLY [email protected]! I did not even realize that March is this weekend…

    Good thing I only want to work on my Isotaupe…

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    Marianne says

    Thanks for the reminder, but I’m a step ahead of you. Got up extra early this a.m and cleaned my cutting table and spiffed up my sewing room. Now I have to decide what to start.

  4. 4

    Rebecca says

    With a husband who travels and no kids, you would think I could have quiltathons many times. The reason I don’t is that I don’t plan ahead, and have to spend some time shopping and cooking. Thanks for the tips!

  5. 5


    That’s the only way I can get things done–is to think WAY ahead, 🙂 . I was able to do that for my retreat and accomplished alot! I’m not sure if I can do the Quiltathon this weekend or not. I have an all day Open Sew at my Studio–and I always think I’ll be able to sew, but I end up helping people most of the day. And Sunday is church and a promise to my daughter to take her shopping. Maybe I’ll do mine on Friday! 🙂 I’ll be thinking of y’all!

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    Ok, I have started preparing as well! And I am also keeping the list close so I can cross off as I go, the main thing is the cutting table, it seems to be the catch all and it drives me nuts!