The Smoker

It’s funny how I mention the same things over and over and then all of a sudden, I get bombarded with requests for more info. The smoker picture seemed to get a lot of attention yesterday so here’s the info:

Here’s what a brand new one looked like before it had been used probably at least three times a month for 2 years.


The smoker we have is from Cookshack. This is the model we have:

If ever we get somewhere that we think we’ll stay, this is the one I want.

Based on CJ’s recommendation, I got it for Vince for Christmas in 2005 and we use the heck out of it. When I smoke chickens, although we won’t even eat a whole one, I smoke several at a time and then freeze the meat. It’s great in gumbo, chicken salad, burritos. The pulled pork is the best!!

It’s electric and we generally put about 2 oz. of wood in there. My least favorite woods are hickory and mesquite. I love using apple and cherry woods. I’ll smoke chickens for a couple of hours and then put them in the oven because the skin doesn’t get crisp in the smoker. Ribs take maybe 6 hours. A big butt will take 12 or more hours. We truly love this thing and if something happened to it, we’d order another one that very same day.

We talked about ours so much that mom and dad bought one. When they were here for Christmas, I smoked a fresh ham from the local meat market. Mom has always loved honey hams from the Honey B Ham shop but they went nuts over the ham I smoked. And . . the best part was that when all the ham was gone, there was a bone leftover! Soup, beans . . yummmm!

Several have asked about where to keep it. You can get a cover from Cookshack. In Kentucky, I had a fenced back yard but no covered patio at the house in town . . which is where I did most of the cooking. For a year, the smoker just sat out in the weather with the cover on it and it’s fine. Here, we don’t have a fenced yard so we bought one of those rolling stainless steel carts from Sam’s and the smoker sits on it. I keep it in the garage and just roll it out in the driveway when I use it .. roll it back into the garage when I’m done.

I love this smoker!


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    My goodness, Judy. You are going to be busy with smoking and grinding etc. I use to make my own bread and used Kin Arthur flour, but that was years ago. Never ground grains. You will have the best bread! You mentioned moving, are you going to be doing that anytime soon?

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    Judy, I have to say I’m tickled to hear that you and Vince love your smoker as much as Jim and I do. Like you, I’d like a bigger model to do even more smoking.

    My favorite thing is still the smoked salmon, it’s yummy on its own, but it’s also wonderful with pasta, peas and a cream sauce, which just soaks up that smoky flavor!

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    Donna says

    When I saw your picture yesterday I knew immediately what king of smoker you had. I live in Oklahoma and they are made here. My dad has had one for about 15 years and it is still going strong. My husband and I purchased one 3 years ago. It is so convenient to smoke meat all weekend and then freeze it for times when we are rushed. We have even done briskets for wedding receptions. This smoker is so easy and foolproof to use.