Somebody .. Pinch Me!

As quilters, we all have our Super Heroes or someone we look up to in the quilting world.  As I mentioned in my earlier post today, Bonnie Browning has been one of the people that I look up to a lot.   Imagine my surprise while reading my comments a while ago and there’s one from Bonnie!!! OK .. someone e-mailed her to read the post, it’s not like she’s sitting at her computer every day waiting from a new post from me! 🙁

Go read her comment.  She encourages anyone with a book idea to submit it!  But I’m sure what she meant to say was . . You should all participate in the Quiltathon starting tomorrow and then start thinking about a book proposal on Monday!


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    See? That’s just how I felt when you visited my blog. For me, being new to quilting, it’s like having Picasso looking at what I doodled on a cocktail napkin…..hehehhheee Very happy for you and still love your blog.

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    I did not know your Chad was adopted. How old was your Chad when you adopted him? Mime was already 10. My daughter, Cindy, is his biological sister and she was 7 when we got her. It’s an interesting adventure when they are older, too.

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    You know what…I always tell my girlfriends here , whenever we are quilting that I “know” Judy Laquidara..the one who writes books…my “author” friend….and that she leaves comments on my blog. Oh, and did I say that she was my “author friend”!!
    You are one who inspires as well my friend. 🙂