Stash Busting To Date

Oh, do I feel like a slacker! Look at Ruthie’s Stash Busting Report! 77.75 yards Ruthie has used in two months! Except that I know Ruthie, I’d say she’s just dreaming but . . I know her! I’ve met her in person and I think I get to see her again in June and she’s a wonderful lady and I have no doubt she has used 77.75 yards and probably more by now!

All you stashbusters, despite our best efforts, we ain’t making much progress! 🙂 Of course, this isn’t scientific or halfway accurate because many of you do not keep up with your yardage and from week to week, we don’t always have the same people sharing their stash busting reports. That’s ok . . this is just for fun . . and it is fun, right?

At the end of January, our total fabric used to date was 236.50 yards.

At the end of February, our total fabric used to date was 243 yards. That means that collectively, this whole group of us ended up with a net of 6.5 yards. Could it be because everyone was so fired up in January and we were so determined to use the stash? Could it be because some of us (that would include ME!) bought just a little too much fabric in February? Could it be because there were too many quilt shows across the country in February?

Not a problem . . we just fire up those sewing machines and keep on sewing. Put the credit cards away for March and let’s see what kind of numbers we can have at the end of March? Are you with me on this???


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    I’m with you, EXCEPT I’m going to the Bloomington Quilt Show tomorrow, so my very first day of March may be a very tempting one. Of course, it is my first quilt show as the owner of a longarm, so the fabric won’t necessarily be what I’ll be looking at.

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    Yep, I’m with you! I stared out like gangbusters in January, and then made many (but wise) purchases in Feb. Let’s see if we can’t tame this beast in March!

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL yes to the ‘fired up in January”, and yes to the ‘refueling stop’ aka quilt show in February.
    But honestly that fabric really was calling my name.
    Ok, I’ll admit that it didn’t jump right off the shelf and follow me home, exactly. but i just couldn’t bear to think of it sitting there on the shelf in the cold and dark in a strange place when i could bring it home to keep my other fabric company. it will make such beautiful quilts.
    i did manage to bust 12 yards in Feb. and i bought 31 yards, so i’m at -19 yards for the month. Hopefully March will be more productive.

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    I’m with you… but not until April! At the end of March I am taking a bus trip to Lancaster for 6 days for quilt show and shop hopping; and I intend to be a very bad girl!