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    pdudgeon says

    if i’m the first to post, then everyone else must be slaving away! But i reached a good stopping point, so it’s lunch time for me. Busted 1 yard 12.5 inches so far. not much, but the day is still young.

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    Just got back from getting my hair cut and I’m back to sewing! It’s not easy juggling errands with the Quiltathon, but I am determined!

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    I finished a baby quilt and a matching bib – I’m soooooooo happy to get them done! I don’t think I’ll get anything else done today, but this was just what I needed to get my butt in gear!

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    I’m back from my errands and ready to cut some more fabric and get my hiney back into the sewing room. 🙂

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    Marianne says

    Just checking in for the first time today. I got a late start, 10 am or so. I’ve cut out a Turning 20 style quilt and got it 3/4 of the way up on the design wall.

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    Sorry about the extra Linkie links, don’t understand why they don’t work, but will try on another site to figure out.
    Judy, this is Nancy from the Village Mercantile.. Thought the Quiltathon is a great idea and I’m getting alot done. Thanks Nancy

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    pdudgeon says

    i figured out one of the reasons why it’s taking me so long to get anything accomplished today.
    The blocks of the quilt i’m making “only” have 20 pieces per block (and they finish at 6 inches) So that means i’ve got to piece thru 180 pieces before i even start the sashings, etc. But it is comming along.
    Fortunately my other projects are not this complicated. This will certainly give me a great head start into the next week. Thanks Judy, for all that you do for us.

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    I only get a few hours to work today, but I got a paper piecing wallhanging assembled, borders added, plus the background and batting for it cut — will baste it tonight after the toddler goes to bed. Also got the quilting finished on a pinwheel quilt and made and attached both the binding and the hanging sleeve, which will also get stitched down tonight. And that’s about all I can do in the two or three hours she naps, so that’s it for my quiltathon today!!

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    I am stash busting too, today after church service I will go on to make my missing blocks for my churn dash charnpack quilt -13 more and
    it’s done.