Quiltathon Report for the Day

Do any of you ever accomplish as much as you think you can?  When I go on a trip and take socks to knit, I take enough yarn to keep me busy for a month . . even if I’m only gone for a week.  When I go to Louisiana for a week and can spend almost the entire week sewing, I’ll take 10 projects and maybe (that’s a BIG maybe!) complete one of them.

Same with today.  I had hoped to finish quilting my top and get the binding sewn on!  Here’s what I did do:

  • Finished adding the borders to the top I was working on.
  • Quilted a customer’s quilt that was already loaded.  It was a plain meander.
  • Washed the backing for my quilt and got it all loaded.
  • Got half of it quilted.

The best thing I did today was make Pioneer Woman’s Apple Dumplings!  Easy and soooo good!  In fact, I’m waiting for Vince to go to bed so I can eat another one without him reminding me of my diet!

My plans for tomorrow are:

  • Finish quilting my quilt.
  • Make the binding.
  • Attach the binding by machine.
  • Make a hanging sleeve.
  • Load it all up into one of my storage bags, along with thread, needle and thimbles and take it to Louisiana with me so I can work on the handwork there.

I’m so happy with the turnout for the Quiltathon!  Thanks to everyone who joined in.


  1. 1

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Today I completed a baby blanket, machine quilted two blocks on my grandson’s HONU (sea turtle) quilt. I have 11 blocks left to handquilt on this one. I also cut out backing and batting and basted a baby quilt flimsy that I had made on Tuesday. I marked two of the blocks on this quilt to be quilted. Then I was interrupted twice to help neighbors unload 4 large boxes of new furniture and then helping my husband with a LOT of yard work. Busy day. Earlier in the week I made the baby quilt flimsy, sewed 6 burp cloths and two baby blankets. I have been hand quilting on the large HONU quilt every day. Productive week. Thanks for the incentive!

  2. 2

    Lori says

    Oh no, not another trip to the grocery store. (groan groan) I am drooling, but will restrain myself. Well, for a day or two!! Yes, I have accomplished about what I expected to, and a few extra non-quilty things too. Now I’m off to make pie crusts–my dad loves banana cream pie and well, I guess if you’re going to be 88 yo–you deserve one!

  3. 3

    christine says

    I pulled a four (or so) year old UFO, and finished the top.

    had to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the last fabrics to make do, but I did it!

    next is to prep some blanket stitch applique so I can finish the few small blocks needed to put THAT top together.

    hopefully, I will do a little more tomorrow too!

  4. 4


    I almost got as far as I wanted to yesterday, LOL. If I hadn’t had to go out and buy more fabric I would have finished what I had planned. Today’s goal is to square up the center section of my quilt top and add borders. I think that is a reasonable goal. If I get that done, MAYBE I’ll draw up another pattern for a skirt for Etsy that I have been conjuring up in my mind. 🙂

  5. 5

    Vivian says

    I only quilted one of the three baby quilts I wanted to complete. I planned to sew well into the night but after my daughter’s softball games, I was only able to catch up on blogs before I fell asleep in my chair at 10 p.m. Hopefully I will get the other two completed today. My husband is planning to do the cooking. woo hoo.

  6. 6


    I was drooling this week over that apple dumplings recipe. Too bad I can’t cook! 🙂

    You got a lot done!! Good going!

  7. 7

    Marianne says

    Saw that recipe yeserday. I felt my heart miss a few beats reading it! Too many calories for me!
    I hope to get my turning 20 sewn together, it’s large (64X88) and so pretty. I used very light roses, dots, stripes fabrics.