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    I got off to an early start and found out I was behind again. Oh well, I am still enjoying myself. I have met a lot of new people that have wonderful ideas…………….

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    I so much want to take another day to work on my quilts but.. my next Quiltathon day will have to be tomorrow instead of today. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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    As it is Sunday, not sure how much I will get done. But, I will Tuesday and Wednesday to quilt this week. This has been fun, Judy!! Can’t wait for the next one! :o)

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    Marianne says

    Just taking a little break here. This was such a fun idea! What are we going to do for National Quilting Day on March 15???

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    pdudgeon says

    I’m again today! started the day off right with blueberry pancakes. Got into the sewing room about 9:45, and three hours later i have all my blocks done and all the sashing attached. And the top meaasures exactly what it’s supposed to measure! WOO-HOO!
    Next are the two borders, one of which is pieced strips. I’ll take a lunch break and then get back to work.

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    Sunday evening in sweden. have made 7 rings, almost one row on my double wedding ring quilt.

    wish you all a great day doing what you love the most 😉


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    sunday evening in Germany , I got my blocks done, all of them, yipee! tommorrow I will post some photos, now I have to relax with some knitting,
    happy sewing to all who have some time left!
    Thank you again Judy!
    It was a great idea, next time I will join in too.

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    Sandra :) says

    Hey Tina, my spicy Swedish friend – nice to see that you joined the quiltathon!! Your DWR is coming along great!!

    I sat my butt down at the machine again today, and got the blocks sewn together for my Wee Houses project, then I got the first border added. One more border and the top is done. I’m so glad I had this kick in the pants to get me going – thanks Judy!

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    Karen L says

    I had so much fun sewing this weekend. I don’t have a blog( someday I will figure them out) so I can’t even post pictures (I do have a camera now). For the weekend I finished the top on a pattern called “Carmel Latte”, done in browns, carmels, tans and creams. I’m going to quilt it next weekend come hell or high water, finally have some “me” time on my longarm. Thank you Judy for sponsoring this event.

    Karen L

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    Janelle says

    I finished the borders for my Pineapple Blossom quilt. To keep up with the stash busting, I’m piecing the backing with 10″ squares. I feel like I accomplished alot this weekend. Thanks again to Judy for this wonderful idea.

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    Lori says

    It’s been a great weekend. I am right where I had hoped, tried a new recipe, and will still have time to deliver my dad’s pie. Thanks Judy!