Sewing in the 70’s

Yesterday while looking for tax info, I was digging through boxes and came across this little booklet.


I don’t have a clue where I got this but there are some newspaper clippings dated June 6, 1971 tucked inside. Amazing — June 6, 1971 was my 17th birthday! So, this little book brought back all kinds of memories. I was sewing a lot back then and I would have loved this booklet.  The clippings came from the Louisville Courier-Journal & Times so I’m guessing this is something I picked up while living in Kentucky.


I know the color wheel has been around forever but I think it’s interesting that they included a section on color.


Wonder what other treasures I could find if I unpacked some of these boxes!


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    wow the good old 70’s..I still have my booklet too..I hate to get rid of it..from the 70’s! It is not as colorful..memories how sweet they are!

  2. 2


    My Grandmothers birthday was June 6 and the year…….1889. Needless to say Grandma is no longer with us.
    My birthday is June 7…..Hey Let’s Party together!!!

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    Susan says

    What fun. You are a year younger than my little sister. =) Some things, like the color wheel, are good forever!