Homemade Flour


If you’re not interested in my grain mill and wheat berries and homemade flour, you may want to skip over this post. Nothing quilt related in this one. I was like a kid waiting for Santa today. I knew the Fed Ex man had my grain mill and he was bringing it to me.

The Mill – I ended up getting the Family Grain Mill from Pleasant Hill Grain. I chose this mill based on the recommendation of the very nice and helpful ladies at Pleasant Hill Grain and because it is electric but also has a hand crank so if I ever need to use it when there is no power, I can.  Here’s what the wheat berries look like:


Here’s the mill in action.


Here’s the bowl of flour:


My impression:

  • Much quieter than I expected it to be.
  • Quick! I thought it would take a while but I ground almost 2 pounds of wheat berries in just a few minutes.
  • It doesn’t need constant attention. I was able to begin getting the ingredients ready for the bread while it was grinding.
  • The beans didn’t hop out of the bowl. I grabbed a saucer to place over the top of the bowl because I anticipated that the wheat berries would try to escape and go flying all over the house but they didn’t at all.
  • I knew ahead of time that in order to get the flour as fine as I wanted it, I would have to grind it twice. I did and it was no problem. Actually it got ground three times because Chad came up after I was finished and wanted to see it in action.

And, here’s the bread on its first rise.


Of course, I’ll post pictures and let you know how the bread turns out.  It may take a few tries to get the recipe right.  I used this recipe.


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    I have a whisper mill (think that’s what it’s called) but haven’t used it in awhile your post has given me the bug to drag it out and make some bread (I have about 100# of wheat berries in my garage!) so thank you.

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    What, they say “get on the scales” and you do as you are told?

    I finally realized that I could say “NO”. Now the nurses look at me with disgust.

    Since joining curves and losing 30 lbs I don’t mind weighing as much.

    Intrigued with the breadmaking.