The Verdict


The bread is delicious — nutty and dense.  Vince loves it and Chad hasn’t tried it yet.  I truly thought my first few loaves might not be so great but if they all turn out this good, I’ll be real happy.

For those who asked me about the cost per loaf, I’ve figured that with the honey, oil, salt, yeast, the flour but not counting the cost of the mill or the cost of the electricity to bake it, each loaf costs about $1.   If you’ve had bread from fresh milled wheat, you’ll immediately know why it’s worth the effort, although unless I’m missing something, this didn’t take enough extra effort to cause me to think twice about it.  I suppose if I weren’t baking all our own bread anyway – yes, that might be a lot of trouble to go from storebought bread to milling my own wheat, then making my own bread but since I make bread at least 4 days a week, the benefits of having fresh whole wheat flour is definitely worth the few minutes it takes to mill it.

Now I’m going downstairs to sew for at least 2 hours!


  1. 3

    Karen L says

    Your bread looks very very tasty. We are a fresh bread family, but I still don’t know if I would grind my own.

    Karen L

  2. 4

    Susan says

    Looks great! Well worth the effort. So you like your mill, and enjoyed the whole process from wheat to loaf.

  3. 5

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Yep, nothing beats fresh ground wheat flour. The stuff you get at the store is…pardon the expression…rancid because the vitamin E oil in the flour turns after less than a week. You know the stuff at the store is way older than a week. We will be grinding up some wheat flour for St. Patrick’s Day. Bob makes a killer corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread. We finish the day watching the Quiet Man.

  4. 6

    Evelyn says

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen sliced bread in Austria – over there it is pretty much standard for everyone to have a seperate “meat” slicer just for slicing bread – those big rolls of bread are just sooo yummy. You definately have the right idea baking your own bread – you really can taste the difference! Little Boy’s absolute favorite bread is dark pumperknickle/rye (NOT my favorite, but HE certainly likes it!).