Hope for Parents

I never go into Chad’s room but I went into his bathroom a few minutes ago. Yesterday I opened a big pack of toilet paper and was distributing it through the bathrooms this morning. He has his chest of drawers in his bathroom and a drawer was open.  Look how neat he has everything!  His room surely hasn’t always looked this way!


Then I opened the door to his bathroom closet.  Guess all his shoes aren’t in the garage!


So, I decided I should check his closet.  WOW!  This gives me hope that he’s maturing and getting a bit more organized.



  1. 1

    Just Me says

    No—this can’t be !! He must be getting ready for the army/navy/ marines.
    My son was never neat until he went to USNA (Annapolis) and since then he is Mr. Neat Freak!

  2. 2

    Bon says

    He’s gonna be thrilled that you’ve shown the world his closet and drawers even if they are VERY neat. LOL

  3. 4

    Karen L says

    I’m glad to see there is hope for the boys and closets. I have given up for while with my 10 year old boy, I keep his clothes in my closet cause its just easier, instead of taking my life into my own hands by entering his closet.

    Karen L