Topsy Turvy Nine Patch Going to Paducah


Notification came by e-mail yesterday that Topsy Turvy Nine Patch has been juried in for the AQS Show in Paducah. Knowing the quality of quilts that are exhibited there, this quilt doesn’t have a prayer for a ribbon but it sure is fun to walk around that show wearing a contestant badge.


Did any of you wonder if I have done any sewing this week? I did! Remember these little units? I needed 96 of them, or 192 of the little squares, or, if I messed up and had some of them (like those four on the left) going the wrong direction, then I needed about 200 of them! Anyway, got those all done.


Here’s why we should keep all the parts to our UFO’s together. I know .. everyone else does . . I’m the only one who has stuff everywhere! This is the second Topsy Turvy Nine Patch quilt. I made all these blocks several years ago when testing my instructions before submitting the quilt to the American Quilter magazine. Then I stuck it all aside and either I used all the light gray fabric making the blocks or I used it all in something else or it’s buried here and I can’t find it. I need to get this quilt finished as it will be a sample for the class and I had to substitute another light gray in the border. The light gray in the border isn’t going to be touching the light gray in the blocks but it surely is a different color. I promise myself to keep all the parts of my UFO’s together til they’re finished . . from this day forward!

Next time you hear from me, I hope I’ll be reporting in from Louisiana!


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    Judy, congratulations on having your quilt accepted into the AQS show. I’m so happy for you. Maybe I can get a pic of you in front of it!

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    Congratulations, Judy! I love that quilt!!

    Have a grand time in Louisiana! Say hello to a Cajun for me, will you? ILY

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    Congratulations! Nancy Martin announced at Guild today that she will have a quilt in the Paducah show, too.

    None of my quilts will ever make it to Paducah, but I sure love to go there! I will be staying there 2 nights and 3 days this year. I’ve never stayed there that long. I think it will be fun.

    Have fun in LA. Tell my family in Shreveport hello for me if you pass through that way!

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    Stephanie says

    Congratulations on your quilt being accepted, wonderful stuff, especially the fact you will be going around with your contestant badge on. Should be great fun.
    Well done, I also love the quilt.

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    pdudgeon says

    i agree, you definitely need to get a pic of you with your badge on in front of the quilt. and save the letter, this is the stuff of scrapbooking history!

    Congratulations, Judy

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    Betty J in OKC says

    YAY on your accepted quilt for Paducah! I’m making plans to be there Weds and Thurs. Maybe we could meet and eat together? My brother’s volunteered to care for Mom for 48 hrs. I’m *SO* excited I can go this year!!!!!!!!

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    Great news!!! What a stunning pattern! I am ever so tempted to make one, but … No new projects. No new projects . Maybe, if I keep reciting it, I’ll catch on.

    Have a fab time in Lake Charles! We are eating at a new Cajun restaurant tonight. It’s called Boudreaux’s. Enjoy the time with your family!