Welcome to the Circus


Before I begin whining, let me say that I understand that my days are spent in solitude – quiet, alone, lots of sewing time – and I know many of my readers work full time, have small children and live a very busy life. So, a “circus” day for me probably sounds like a day at the spa to some.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to leave for a week in Louisiana. Mother Nature may throw a kink into my plan .. depending on how much snow falls tonight in eastern OK. They’re saying possibly 6 – 12″. Even if I have to wait til Sunday, I’ll still go but if I have to wait til Monday, I probably will just cancel the whole trip.

Yesterday I planned to finish a quilt top – I had lots of time to sew, or so I thought.

Started the day off going to the Y early. Came home with intentions to head straight to the shower. But wait . . the clutter in the garage is making me crazy. I love my kitchen but it wasn’t designed for someone who keeps LOTS of stuff on hand. So, I keep my pots and pans and canned foods in the garage. When we moved here last year, we immediately bought shelving units and put as many as we could in the garage. There are some along the wall and some sitting out in the open between the 2 car part and the 1 car parts of the garage. The canned goods were on the shelves against the wall but things just kept getting stuffed towards the back. I wanted the canned goods on the shelves in the middle of the garage because I can put cans in on one side and take them out on the other side so I’m using the older ones first. You know . . first in, first out! But, the shelves in the middle of the garage were full of stuff. Just junk mostly. Vince is a horrible packer. I can stack stuff sky high and he’ll put one thing down on a shelf . . like a screwdriver here and a screwdriver there and first thing you know, a whole shelf is full of little things. I could stick all those things in a coffee canister and still have 3/ 4 of the shelf empty. So, before I’d even had my shower, I began moving things around in the garage; throwing things out; organizing. Here’s the result of my work:


This is the shelf where the pots and pans are (except for the ones that are either in the dishwasher or on the stove). We don’t wear shoes in the house so all our shoes seem to end up in the garage. The bottom two shelves, except for the bin in the middle on the next to bottom shelf) hold shoes. I keep pot lids in the bin in the middle on the next to bottom shelf. Keeping the pots outside means they have to be washed before I use them but it’s better than taking up my precious few cabinets inside the house.


This set of shelves holds storage containers, some empty Mason jars, extra spices, and a little bit of junk!


Mostly canned goods.


Soups, some of the electrical appliances, Gatorade and more empty Mason jars.

It’s so nice to have things looking a bit more organized. Yes, there are some empty shelves. There are things inside that I’m going to bring out – like the blender, the grain mill, the food processor. I don’t like having things sitting around on the counter. And, if I don’t fill up those shelves, Vince will do it while I’m gone and then I’ll have screwdrivers and the like mixed in with my kitchen shelves. Don’t feel sorry for him .. he has shelves of his own but mine are closer to the door.

OMG! I’m in the middle of organizing the garage and I realize it’s almost lunch time. Stop and fix a quick lunch. While Vince was home at lunch, he noticed Speck was shivering and shaking. Take him to the vet .. he’s sick! No, he isn’t sick . . he has seen the suitcase and he knows I’m leaving and he is shaking. But, Vince insisted so I called the vet. They could see me at 2:30.

Then I remembered I had to go pick up two hams that I had ordered from the local meat market. Mom and Dad had loved the ham I smoked at Christmas so I ordered two to take to them. We’ll smoke one while I’m there and leave them one for later. Then I remembered that Chad had given me a list of things he wanted from Wal-Mart so I had to run there too.

Did all that, got home just in time to get Speck to the vet. Tried to talk the vet into freezing the wart on my finger. He wouldn’t do it but he said he thought I needed to let a doctor look at it. Great! Just one more thing to do. Nothing wrong with Speck but he did need his shots so he got those while we were there.

Got home, called the walk in clinic to be sure they weren’t jam packed with flu patients. Nope, no one was there so I ran down there. They don’t think it’s a wart. But, it doesn’t look like cancer! Thanks a lot. I need to see the dermatologist when I get back and see what he thinks. And, tell me why I have to suffer the humiliation of getting weighed just for the doctor to look at a wart on my finger!

Do you think I ever touched the sewing machine? Did not!

Today is spent doing laundry, making sure Vince has food for while I’m gone, making cookies to send to work tomorrow and . . watching the weather report for eastern Oklahoma!


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    Marianne says

    Who knew! I am amazed that half of your kitchen is really in the garage! Aren’t bugs getting into things a problem?!
    Good luck with the OK weather and your proposed trip!

  2. 2


    Your circus sounds like my life if I make special plans. I’m a stay-at-home great grandmother. (that gives me three generations who think they can call me if something needs done.
    You are so well organized you scare me…but in my younger days I think I would have matched you for neat organization.
    Love your blog.
    Barbara in Mississippi

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    Solved that problem – I just tell the nurse when I arrive that I know I’m overweight, I’m working on it, and I won’t get on the scale. Works every time!

  4. 4


    It does feel good to get things organized doesn’t it? I’m a pack rat too but things were getting really messy around here. Getting ready to have the movers in for estimates made me get off my butt and start cleaning and sorting and tossing.

    Chad’s room is very neat – will it make him crazy that you posted photos?? We visited Adam’s place in November and he’s just as much a slob as when he lived at home but Chris and Becky had the house very neat and clean when I was there last month. Maybe there’s hope for Adam.

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    3 car garage in which you get to store your canned goods – no more complaining for you! While I am not 100% sure that I have as much as you (I do have double of everything though, because we don’t mix meat & milk – so my chicken soup pot has to be separate from my cream of corn pot, etc. ditto the dishes – chicken soup bowl separate from the cereal & milk bowls x8 each), I keep it in a far smaller space…