Friday Night in TX

We didn’t make it all the way to Louisiana. The roads in eastern OK were supposed to be icey and slick til mid-morning so we didn’t leave home til almost 10 a.m. I knew Chad wanted to sleep a bit later and 12 hours in the car straight is hard so we just took our time and enjoyed the ride. Chad had his camera and took a ton — literally about 300 — pictures. A few times, we had to stop, turn around and go back for him to get a picture of something that caught his eye.

Our first stop of the day was by the Nevada Daily Mail to buy a few newspapers because Chad’s picture was on the front page.

Here’s a few of his pictures from the day.


1. Chad’s shoes and the mess in the floor. He has a strange taste in shoes!

2. The McDonald’s over the Will Rodgers Parkway

3. Farm land (lots of that on our trip today)

4. A dump truck on a dusty road

5. A motor home with all the states colored in where they’d visited. We saw it in Texas and Texas was not colored in. Chad thought that was so funny!


And, last picture I’ll share but certainly not the last picture he took today . . Welcome to Texas.

I was very thankful when the camera battery went dead.


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    Have a safe trip!

    Congratulations to Chad for being on the front page! That’s so fun! I’ve been on the front page of a newspaper before. I was recognized all over town because people were so excited that a local person was on the front page and not someone from the Associated Press. By the way, it looks like you’re having a great time in college. 🙂

    I heard Shreveport got 2 inches on snow yesterday. I don’t think you will be going through there, but Texas got a lot, too.

  2. 2


    Great picture, Chad! Congrats on taking part in the process and making a difference! BTW, love the shoes!

    You two sound like you’re having a ball. Safe travels! (Hugs)

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    Cheryl L says

    Wow, that McD’s brought back memories. That structure has been there since I was a little girl in the early 60’s. I remember it on the OK turnpike when we made trips to Tulsa. Have a safe trip!

  4. 5

    Nancy says

    Chad takes such interesting photos! Has he ever thought about putting some of them out on Webshots to share with the world?