Staying busy in Louisiana

The biggest challenge about coming home is trying to get to eat all our favorite foods while here. Crawfish is always at the top of the list if it’s crawfish season. Got that done yesterday but I wouldn’t mind if we do it again before we leave. There’s a little place just down from Mom & Dad’s house that sells crawfish to go and they’re always a good size, clean and seasoned to perfection. Oh, they were good!!



Chad said this was the perfect specimen!


Chad loves this dog! Tyson was so happy to see Chad too. They’ve run and played and taken a few walks around the neighborhood.


Tomorrow Chad and I both get haircuts and I told my niece I’d spend the afternoon with her showing her how I make meatballs and spaghetti sauce. I made a big batch for her last time I was here and she wants the recipe but I don’t use a recipe so the best thing is for her just to watch me make it. Her daddy was Italian and he made the best meatballs and spaghetti sauce but he passed away young and I’m sure Kristy doesn’t even remember his meatballs.

She has a new baby boy to add to her brood of three girls so I’ll get to visit with him and spend some time with Kristy and cook .. that will be fun.

I hope to sew a bit today. I hate going off and sitting in the sewing room when I’m here to visit but . . there are deadlines to meet! 🙁


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    I’ve always wondered what crawfish taste like. They look like tiny little lobsters. Do they taste anything like that? They look like they are hard to eat however. Do you have to crack the shells like you do with crabs? Or is it easy to just peel off the shells? I presume you take them off before eating the meat . . . right?

    Forgive this northwestener if it’s a stupid question – I’ve never visited the south. Someday, hopefully!

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    Hey there Judy – I havent’ been while in a while and was shocked to see that you are just next door visiting your family in LA! 🙂 Hope you have a great time… how long will you be down?

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    How cool of you to teach her to make that! I just love when people take the time to do things like that. It makes memories that last a lifetime.