Just another day in Louisiana

It’s so hard living away from family, friends and home. When I’m back at my house in MO, I don’t dwell on how much I miss my family and this area probably mostly because I’m so busy with day to day activities and I’ve always been one to believe that I need to bloom where I’m planted but when I’m here . . when I’m with family and friends, enjoying the food that, for the most part, only Louisiana has to offer, when I see how green it is here when it’s still so dull and brown in Missouri, when I see the azaleas blooming, the ginger lilies poking their cheery green shoots up out of the ground, knowing that very soon their fragrance will fill the back yards of gardeners who choose to grow them, it takes all my effort to fight back tears and cry out that I want to live here! I don’t want to leave! My roots are here! But . . come Friday morning, Chad and I will pack up the car and begin our trek back to Missouri but I’ll have plans to return to Louisiana in August, if not sooner.

This morning Chad and I went to our favorite beautician and both got hair cuts, much needed haircuts! Chad desperately needed a hair cut and he only wants Jennifer to cut his hair. I had not had a hair cut since my January 2 incident. We both left Jennifer’s shop looking much better.


Dad picked Chad up and they went to load up some concrete steps from a mobile home Dad had owned that had been destroyed by Hurricane Rita. He’s taking the steps to his camp but they’re not doing that this week. I went by the grocery store and bought the supplies to make meatballs and spaghetti sauce at my niece’s house. Her 4 year old was a tremendous help! πŸ™‚ You should’ve seen the different size meatballs we ended up having! I love that child!

If you’ve read my blog much at all, you know I don’t like chocolate . . except for Goldbrick! Don’t ask me why I love that so much but I do. As far back as I can remember, Goldbrick eggs were in my Easter basket. . . until we moved to Kentucky and I couldn’t find them anywhere! That was really hard for me to accept. I had expected that when we moved to Kentucky, I wouldn’t be able to get crawfish but I never dreamed I’d be giving up Goldbrick eggs too. Then we moved to Missouri. Surely they would have Goldbrick eggs. No! I haven’t been able to find them there either. Thank goodness for Spring Break because it almost always falls either at Easter or a bit before and I’m able to be in Louisiana where Goldbrick eggs are plentiful. Until . . this year! The first day I was here, I went to Wal-Mart expecting to snag a few of my favorite chocolate eggs . . the eggs that cause my family to say “you just say you don’t like chocolate but you really do love it!”. Guess what . . no Goldbrick eggs to be found. I was about to panic . . maybe Elmer’s is no longer making Goldbrick eggs. Mom suggested I try Walgreen’s and sure enough . . there were Goldbrick eggs.


Yep, there’s 24 eggs in there. I will not probably will not eat them all before I get home!

Chad and I went out and ate crawfish again tonight. Mom and dad went out and ate steak. Dad thinks this is the year he will eat zero crawfish. Maybe I was adopted or something! How can my own Dad not be dying for crawfish? To those who asked about them – they could taste like a small lobster but since they’re so small and since the water is so highly seasoned, they absorb a lot of seasoning and are real spicy – much more spicy than any lobster I’ve ever had but I confess to having had far too few lobsters in my time. Crawfish are much easier and quicker to peel than crabs. You kinda twist the head off (I won’t discuss what you do with the head but most of us don’t just throw it away!), you kinda peel the first joint of shell away, then you pinch the tail right where the end of the meat is and . . the edible part of the tail just pops out. Most of us can peel them very quickly. My hands can keep up with my mouth and that’s a very big job. πŸ™‚

Here’s a good little demo on how to peel a crawfish . . if you’re really wanting to know.

And, should anyone think all I’m doing while here in Louisiana is eating and visiting, you would be very wrong!


I’ve been working on my pink and gray Topsy Turvy Nine Patch. I have a class with this pattern and my regular sample will be on its way to Paducah at that time so I need to get this one finished. I had the pieced portions of the borders done before I left MO so I just have to get them on here. Yesterday I sewed all the blocks together into rows, sewed the rows together and got the first border added.

Tomorrow my sister and my nephew are coming from Lafayette. I’m smoking a ham on Mom & Dad’s smoker; Mom is doing the rest of the cooking. For Chad’s political science class he needed to interview an elected official; someone who is currently serving or has served in the past, so he’s interviewing the former Mayor of the small town where I grew up (who also happened to be my history teacher in high school!). On second thought, maybe I don’t want to live back here where everyone remembers me when I was skinny, shy and young!


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    I have heard your “gold brick” story from other people. I think it is a regional thing – for which I am so very happy. Nothing makes me sadder that to travel (far away) only to find the same [email protected] that is in my town…

    (“Gold brick” – can be substituted for other food stuffs. Are Mary Sue Easter eggs widely available? Berger’s cookies? Those are two local things that I think fit into this category.)

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    I’ll buy the young and skinny part, but shy? Naw, not you! LOL

    Sounds like you’re packing in a lot of fun! (Hugs)

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    Yummmmmmmmmm crawfish!! Or crawdaddys if you’re a tried and true Texan! hahahahaha We used to make huge pots of those things when we lived there, with corn on the cob and sausage. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm! Lucky lucky you!!
    Glad you’re enjoying yourself Judy!

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    Our local paper had a Cajun restaurant featured today. The only one I had ever seen was Pappadeaux (sp?)~ they are alright if you are DEPSPERATE. The one dish they LOVED at this new one? Crawfish Etouffe! My FAV! >>>running for her car keys!

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    Just Me says

    Did you know you can order those candies on the internet and have them delivered to your door!
    So you can eat all those on the way home and have more waiting for you. Best of both worlds!

    As for the haircuts, is there a department store near you? The salons inside some of the stores are good. You won’t get a $10.00 hair cut but you also won’t get the smoke or have to watch for “bad guys” like in January.
    Chad’s new hair cut is nice- makes him twice as handsome!
    Personally- I will leave the crawfish for you and go eat steak with your Dad!!

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Sounds like the family trip is terrific. We do family reunion over 4th of July. Maryland steamed crabs (I am from Maryland), crab cakes, crab soup, crab everything. Can’t beat fresh corn on the cob, tomatoes and cantelope!
    Love the topsy turvy 9 patch. It is beautiful. Absolutely love the colors.

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    It’s your fault. I had not given a thought to Gold Brick eggs. Living in Atlanta the past twenty years, I’ve given up looking for them. Your musings made me remember that I had some in the chest freezer in the garage from a previous Easter visit to Louisiana. I’ve taken one out. It’s defrosint and returning to room temperature. It’s your fault that I’m going to eat it. πŸ™‚ What about Heavenly Hash eggs? Is that a favorite? My “Easter Bunny” never brought those for some reason. We always had Gold Brick eggs in our baskets.

    Thanks for reminding me!

    Becky in Georgia

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    Terri says

    ROFL I have a good friend that lived here in NM for several years, she’s from (and moved back to) Delclambre (sp??) and she ALWAYS went on and on and on about Gold Brick eggs!!! But she never brought us one. Now I’m thinking they probably didn’t make it past Dallas on the drive home…… πŸ™‚

    oh and she could also peel crawfish fast enough to keep her going along with me and my kids lol. Not gonna say what she does with the heads either…….

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    Connie says

    Dang it! I was wondering yesterday if you had found Goldbricks while you were down there. My mouth is so watering right now. *sigh*