Meet my Family

With my niece’s permission, I’ll share a few pictures of her children. I know it isn’t nice to have favorites but her third daughter is the funniest and cutest little girl I think I’ve ever seen. She’s 4 and always full of smiles, always has something funny to say, and just enjoys every minute of every day.

This is the 10 year old . . a picture she took of herself with my camera. I’m thinking I don’t have a picture of the 8 year old but maybe Chad has a picture of her on his camera.


Here’s my niece’s husband and the 4 month old.


And, here’s my niece, my sister and my mom.


And, just so you know why I’m just a tad off of normal  ..  here’s my dad!  His hat had been sitting on top of the water heater and he said it was warm so he was wearing it while ironing his pants!



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    Deb says

    My sister lived in Missouri 4 years and I think I visited once. She lived in Bayou Gausch, La for 6 years and I was there several times a year. I told myself it was because she was closer but we all know it was about the food. Thanks for the memories.

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    The pictures are great! Beautiful children! Your dad cracks me up! I don’t see one thing in the world odd about his wearing a warm hat to iron his pants! LOL

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    I love this picture of your father!!! It is priceless! And your niece has beautiful children. Thank her for letting you share their pictures.

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    I hope you had a nice visit! I just got home from Mom’s and saw a sister and brother as well as my aunt and uncle but it’s nice to be back home.