Sock Madness

Have you heard of Sock Madness?  Actually, this is Sock Madness 2 and I’m  playing.  Sock patterns are given to the participants and then we get busy and get our socks finished as fast as we can.  There are 55 – 60 players in each of 4 categories.  For the first round, the first 40 in each category to finish their socks and share pictures per the rules, will advance to the next round.

The pattern was received Thursday around noon.  Just my luck . . I had 12 hours to drive Friday and Saturday and despite my burning desire to knit while driving, I didn’t do it.  I started my socks Thursday and knitted as much as I could considering Chad and I had plans to eat one more time at his favorite restaurant, Steamboat Bill’s.  It was Thursday when Chad ended up interviewing the mayor and I sat there and knitted while we all talked.  I got about half a sock done on Thursday.  Then Friday morning, we ate breakfast, went by the grocery store and bought some things we wanted to bring home and were on the road by 10 a.m.  We arrived in Paris, TX about 4:30 p.m. and decided that was as far as we wanted to drive so we stopped there, went to dinner at Shogun’s (which both Chad and I love) and then I knitted til after midnight, finishing the first sock that night.  By the time I had finished my first sock, there were already pictures of some completed pairs being posted.  Saturday morning we ate and were on the road by 10 a.m., stopped in Joplin to get a few things from Sam’s, ate and got home around 5:00 p.m.  I started the second sock and finished it early this afternoon.

Here’s my Zombie sock . . that’s the name of the pattern for Round 1.   This is the only yarn I took with me for the Sockmadness pattern and it was a perfect color for a Zombie sock!


Now  .. to get unpacked and then re-pack for my next trip.


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    The socks are great! I can’t believe you did all of that in those couple of days and managed to get two socks knitted also! Where are you going this time? (Hugs)

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    Marianne says

    Welcome back, Judy. Sounds like you took it so and easy, don’t you usually drive it all in one day? Off to Paducah?

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    Love the socks!!! I love socks. Maybe this Summer I can take a class or two in knitting socks. Your projects are an inspiration.

    Becky in Georgia

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    Hope you make it to the next round! Is there anything special we need to do for the Quiltathon besides sew, sew and sew some more?

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    Hi Judy,

    Nice socks! And you finished both of them….I usually get bogged down on #2. Even took a “knit two socks at once” class but decided it wasn’t worth the effort required to keep from knitting them together! I love that color…what’s the yarn?

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    How many rounds are there to this game? How do you win? What do you win? Did I miss something? How do you play this game?

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    Great socks……. You really are quite something special…….. I cannot imagine making a pair of socks that fast. I just sort of knit a bit each day till a pair is done.