Stash Report Sunday

My report is kinda blahhhh . . I bought nothing and used nothing.

Fabric Added This Week – 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date – 41 yards

Fabric Used This Week – 4.25 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date – 61.25 yards

Net year to date: 20.25 yards used

How’d you all do? Is stashbusting coming easier? Are you noticing a dent in the stash?

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    I fell pretty hard too…but I’m thinking I’m hunkering down for awhile. No quilt group for me …and that is when I hit the quilt shop! I swear it COULD have been MUCH worse! lolol

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    pdudgeon says

    short report this week. no fabric busted this week, because i’m still working on last week’s fabric.
    fabric bought (or rather found) 2 yards 28 inches that was finally delivered a month after it left the quilt shop.
    i still have one lost box of fabric floating around somewhere between NM and VA, but i can’t count it until i receive it. darn post office!

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    Yep, I had a blah week too – just 1/2 yard used and I added 2.5 yards buying some fat quarters when I was at Moms.

    I’m need to find more time to piece so I can use up some yardage!

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    This is my first stashbusting report to you…so it looks really impressive. Done get too excited. It wont always look that good!