Quiltathon Tomorrow

Don’t forget to get as much as you can done today so you can sew all day tomorrow!  I’m soaking some red beans and we’ll have red beans, sausage and rice for dinner tomorrow night.  That’s easy to get started and leave it alone the rest of the day.

Bobbins are filled, fabric is cut . . I’m going to work on a Gratitude quilt!


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    stay here, it’s much better and a lot easier to post. I’ve had trouble lately with bloggers visual verification, can’t comment anywhere.

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    I wish I had the time to quilt! I haven’t even made anything for my little boy. I have started working again after my maternity leave and there is even less time. I have fabric cut out for several quilts now and wonder when, if ever, I’ll be able to get back to it.
    Happy quilting everyone. I’ll just have fun looking at your projects!

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    Karen Ransome says

    Maya it took me 16 years to get back into sewing after having children. I have just finished the patchwork I started when my eldest was born and I have now just finished my second lap quilt. It will happen, until then just watch, listen and learn.

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    ok. maybe i was jumping the gun just a little. i was thinking the sewing day was today!!! so i squeezed in a little here and there. funny— sewing again tomarow—i won’t complain about that!

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    I’m in. Trying to get prepared tonight. Plans are to do two pillows, piece the back and baste one quilt, baste another, and then I’ll go from there. Filling bobbins as I write. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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    I’ll be joining in as soon as I’ve finished work (at 10am) and run to the shops for a few things. Mind you, my time difference will put me out of sync with the North Americans playing along.

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    Part of the day I will be working, but after work I will be sewing and/or cutting! I also need to get supplies gathered up for class tomorrow night.

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    I would like to join the quiltathon too. I’m working on a signature/quote quilt for my Mother-in-law….belated birthday.
    I would also like to know what a gratitude quilt is?

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    I vote for leaving your blog on WordPress. Also, do you have a recipe for the red beans and rice? I know it sounds lame, but what do you season it with?

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    Carol says

    I’m with the others wondering: What is a gratitude quilt? Inquiring minds want to know! Do we need to make one too?