Quiltathon Progress Report

Did you get a lot done?  I got borders on my second Topsy Turvy Nine Patch.  That wasn’t all I had hoped to get done but I did get quite a bit of longarm quilting done too.

Let us know what you did by adding a link to your Quiltathon Progress Report on your own blog!


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    I couldn’t join in the quiltathon because I was in Fayetteville, NC visiting my son. He’s home!!! Hooray!!!! I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is for him to be out of Iraq and home for good (well as good as it gets when you are in the 82nd Airborne). I did visit a quilt shop there, lovely shop called Loving Stitches and yes I bought fabric for a baby quilt for my partner and his wife. They want a Hawaiian theme quilt and I don’t have anything in my stash that is suitable. Maybe for the next one!!!

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    Thanks so much for suggesting this. I actually got a project finished. A least one success makes for a really good day.

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    I did some last night because I could not do any today, but I am sewing again tonight so I will get a little bit more done. I have linked my post that shows what I am doing.

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    I made a purse and a camera case. I also cleaned up the sewing room and got some redwork patterns organized.
    Thanks, I will join in for another one during the week.

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    i got quite a bit done—-suprising with so much other stuff going on. i will maybe do a little bit more prior to bedtime. maybe update in the morning if i did. thanks for the little help getting inspired and challenged. that is good every once in awhile.

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    I got my 2nd border cut and pieced…not the original border I had planned, but I think it will work on my MIL birthday quilt.


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    I got my large hsts made and squared up and the small hsts marked so I can sew them on the large hsts. I am very pleased with what I have accomplished today. Thanks Judy for hosting this!

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    This was the first one I was able to be a part of. It probably wasn’t a lot compared to some folks, but I’m still a novice. Oh, and I slept in this morning. Well, it IS my mini vacation!

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    Oops, first link came up February 20 post–not sure how that happened, but second link will work, I hope!
    If not, just go to my site and look at 3/18 post. Sorry!

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    I worked on hand quilting my current quilt, so it was slow progress, but it was great to ignore the housework for the day!

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    I finished up a wallhanging, and made 6 (donation) bibs – a very productive day! I’m looking forward to the next quiltathon – thanks!

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    I hadn’t realized it was a quiltathon but I spent the day sewing blocks for my own personal quilt. Also finished a couple of PIF bindings. I guess that qualifies??

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    Oh! I forgot, I also put blocks together for a small amish wall hanging. Not sure about the borders yet-piano keys???

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Do you see me doing my happy dance? I finished my grandson’s quilt yesterday in spite of all the drop in visitors we had. His birthday is today and he lives about 5200 miles away so I don’t think he will get it in time. BUT it will be worth the wait! LOL