Are you sewing/quilting?  Here it is almost 10 a.m. and I haven’t started yet.  Did my morning Y routine, did a little extra house cleaning, a couple of loads of laundry, got lunch started and am headed to the knitting shop and then I’ll get started quilting.

For this Quiltathon, I’m going to add a Mr. Linky box tonight and everyone can post what they’ve accomplished today . . instead of having a bunch of Mr. Linky boxes throughout the day.

I hope you all get a ton accomplished today!


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    Marianne says

    Got a really late start. My morning was spent on the phone trying to arrange travel plans for my daughter. Machine quilting a charity baby quilt now.

  2. 5


    I sat my butt down and did the binding on my watermelon tablerunner – it’s DONE and now I can go on to something else (after I do the housework, haha).

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    I got my dd’s easter dress cut out and pressed a set of blocks that need to squared up. My goal today is to get those sqaured up and get the dress ready for dd to try on so i can adjust straps and hems.

  4. 7


    i am starting on a few things right after lunch and before girl scouts! i did some hand work allready this morning. pictures of it will be on my blog in a little.

  5. 10


    Just read about this …. my day is over … SHOOT so no blocks from me. Of course, I did go to the doctor and dentist today … shot most of my time.

  6. 11


    I HAD plans for this quiltathon. The last one, on a weekend was hard so I thought a week-day one would work better. It would have except my grandson was born 2 weeks early and I traveled all day the 18th to get home from seeing the grandbaby in IDAHO. No quilting for me that day.