Meatball Madness

When I make meatballs, I always make a bunch of them for the freezer. We were out of meatballs so this morning, after a trip to the Y, meatball madness began.


When I first start making the meatballs, I make a little flat one (or two) that will cook quickly so I can do a taste test and see if I need to add something.


The meatballs were browned, then drained and cooled a bit on paper towels.


Then they were placed in dishes to go into the freezer for flash freezing. The drawback with the side by side freezer is they are so narrow so my big cookie sheet doesn’t fit. I could’ve walked downstairs and put them in the big freezer but . . that was too much trouble.


The ones that needed to be packed are now ready to pack into bags.


190 meatballs go into ziplock bags.  20 are left out to go into today’s sauce.


The stove has been cleaned, the floor has been mopped, the sauce is simmering and . . I’m going downstairs to sew!



  1. 1

    Sandy says

    Come to my house and make some of those meat balls! Yum!

    (and bring Spec, I miss hearing about him, is he o-k?

  2. 4

    Stephanie says

    190 meatballs? That is a sure is a meatathon, they look so yummy, do you do recipes as well as sewing?

  3. 5

    Evelyn says

    Mmmm! I make my meatballs the same way – in big batches and freeze out the portions. My DH grinds the meat for me and usually adds in some fresh herbs while grinding. Just yesterday we made a BIG batch of sauce – will portion that out today and freeze. I just love have good home-cooked food in the freezer and ready to go.


  4. 6


    Have you shared your meatball recipe? My husband made meatballs the other day – he uses a package of onion soup mix in his recipe.

  5. 7


    I don’t know when you have time to sew with all the cooking you do. I gave up most of the cooking when I started quilting. HA!