It’s Nice to Share

Yep, that’s what my momma always taught me but dang it .. sharing my sewing space might not be something I can do.


Last night Chad found a piece of plaid fabric.  Back when I used to smock, some 20 years ago, this fabric was the perfect fabric for knickers that went with a little boy’s outfit with Santa and a sleigh smocked on the shirt.  I loved that little outfit and made a whole bunch of them and had a good bit of this black/aqua/white/red fabric left over.  Out of the clear blue, Chad announced that he wanted to make himself a shirt out of that fabric.

I hate to discourage his creativity but starting out making a man’s shirt, when he’s never sat down at a sewing machine is not something I felt he should do.  But, in true Chad “I can do anything!” fashion, he went to Wal-Mart, bought himself a pattern and was all fired up about getting this shirt done.

There’s a quilt on the longarm that I would like to finish tonight but I can already see that’s not going to happen.  I stopped and did a quick cleanup of the cutting table, found some pins he can use, gave him a pair of scissors, explained about matching plaids, lining up the arrow with the grain of the fabric — let me check before you cut anything!

I’ll set up a Singer 301 for him to use and we’ll see where this takes us.  The selfish part of me hopes that he gives up quickly!


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    I would like to be a fly on the wall to watch this. Maybe with a hidden video camera. My guess is that he won’t give up!

  2. 2

    Karen L says

    Hey Judy, if he approachs sewing like he does his baking, it will be a great shirt.

    Karen L

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    hehehe. This might be interesting! Please keep us up to date on how this goes. Remember, if the shirt doesn’t work out, he might decide to try quilting, just like Ricky Tims decided.

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    Linda says

    My son told me he wants to make a hoodie…so far he has only talked about it, but I will be interested in how things go with Chad!

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    I think he’ll make it, wear it once, and be done with sewing once and for all! But then again, he might be asking for a permanent space in your studio! Keep us posted! (Hugs)

  6. 9

    Stephanie says

    This is great fun, been there, discouraged that. Isn’t it awful, half of you wants them to succeed and half of you wants them to fail and get out of your space. Keep us up to date on it all and pictures too of course. It’s a long weekend !!

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    pdudgeon says

    There’s a silver lining in this somewhere, Judy.

    I’ll bet you never thought you had shirts in your stash. *S*
    Maybe you could start setting aside some potential shirt yardage from your stash to encourage Chad’s stash-busting potential.

  8. 11


    First time sewing and he wants to do plaid???? Brave young man! The end result of this we,ve got to see…who knows maybe he’s the next big male name in our business!

  9. 12

    Evelyn says

    Beginners can be fearless because they just don’t know what they are getting in to! But once you complete something hard – everything else will look easier. I think that if Chad sticks with it – the shirt will be just the beginning!!!