My Lime Green Kitchen

For the past few days, my spare time has been spent working on a new website for my recipes, menus and cooking related topics.

The new website is My Lime Green Kitchen.  Because every recipe goes in as a new page, I don’t think any kind of RSS feed will work.  I set up a yahoo group for notifying anyone interested in updates.  This group will not be a discussion group.  No one can send message but me.  What I will do is send an e-mail to the group when I post a new recipe or menu, along with a link to that new page.  If you would like to subscribe to that group, send an e-mail to [email protected] or, there is a form at the bottom of the main page.There are probably some pages not working or broken links on the new page but I’ll get all the kinks worked out eventually.

As with the blog, every recipe that is posted is a recipe we have tried and loved.  Average recipes do not get posted . . just the recipes we truly loved.  I’ll get through both blogs and get all the recipes loaded on this one sight as soon as I can.


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    Karen L says

    Judy, This is an excellent idea. I’m always looking for new things to make for my family. Knowing that the recipies have been tested by your wonderful guinea pigs, oh wait your beloved husband and devoted son, if they pass that test we know that they will be good. I’ve tried new things out of various cookbooks and magizines and they don’t look anything like the pictures and the taste isn’t always up to what we like. Thank you for helping us with our daily burdons of cooking.

    Karen L

    PS. Are you looking for recipies to try that your loyal readership could contribute????

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    Donna says

    Hi Judy! I love the idea of sharing recipes, especially those tried-n-true. I love to quilt and cook too. Thank you for sharing these with your readers.