Busy Day

We’ve all been busy today. I even did some sewing! As always, you can click on the pictures to make them larger.


That’s 80 half square triangles and 60 something strips. That’s part of the Gratitude quilt I’m taking to work on.

Yesterday Vince began working on the lot behind us. He came to get me to come see the deer but when we walked back towards them, they ran. They went into the empty lot on the side of us, then went into the empty lot across the street.


They know they’re being watched!


Then, they took off and jumped a fence that’s at least 7 feet tall . . with no effort at all. It gave me little hope of having fresh tomatoes in my back yard!

Vince and Chad worked removing some of the weeds along an old fence line.



They made some good progress!


Vince trimmed the ornamental grass along the back side of the house. I never realized how bare and ugly the back side of the house looks. Oh well . . no one see that side except the deer and they would destroy anything I try to plant.

I had to reduce the resolution to get this picture to fit. The siding on the back side of the house really isn’t rippled as it appears!

The grass is as dead and ugly as it appears. As Chad and I were driving to Louisiana two weeks ago, almost every mile south we drove, the grass got greener and when we were in Louisiana, everything was a vivid, bright green. Oh, how I miss grass that really grows and feels like grass and stays green.


Just a bit more packing to do and I’ll be ready to leave in the morning. I’ll be back in a week!


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    Hello, Judy! I love to check in now and then to see what you’re doing! Everything you do is lovely!
    Now, there’s a lot of deer – wow! About your tomatoes – I read somewhere that deer look for food mainly by scent, and that if you plant deer resistant plants near and around your deer loving plants, that the scent confuses them, and they won’t go near plants that they don’t like. There are several web pages that list all the deer resistant plants in your planting zone – hope that helps! *vbs*
    Have a blessed trip!

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    Isn’t it amazing how deer seem to have springs in their feet?

    Have a great trip…..hope you get in some knitting!

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    pdudgeon says

    enjoy your trip, Judy!
    Good on Vince and Chad for the clean-up job. Been there, done that, so i know how much work it can be.