House Plan

Do any of you have the perfect house plan in your head, even though you may never get to build it? Last night I couldn’t sleep, which is so rare for me but it’s probably because I’m excited about my little trip next week.

Building a house is not something I ever want to do again but you just never know!  Last night I was in the kitchen cooking and baking. Chad and Vince were in the family room watching a movie. Ever sound a made in the kitchen brought a groan and moan from the family room where two couch potatoes couldn’t hear the movie. Have I said lately that I hate TV?

While trying to fall asleep, I came up with the perfect solution to our almost perfect current house. What if . . we just switch places with the garage and the kitchen/dining/breakfast area? Couldn’t do it in this house but maybe sometime?


Not everyone would love this house plan but I hate having people in my kitchen; I love turning my music up full blast and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Don’t even ask what happens when Vince wants to eat dinner with the TV on. In my new house plan, he couldn’t even see or hear the TV from the dining or breakfast room.

This is pretty much the exact house plan for the main level of our current house (not to scale) except I left out the master bath and that little strip in the middle on the left end (surely not to scale) is a laundry room and a half bath.

The only drawback is that the basement would be cut down a little. We wouldn’t put a basement under the garage and it wouldn’t be cost effective for all the extra concrete to put a separate basement under the right side (kitchen/dining/breakfast). I suppose another drawback would be that no one else in the whole world would want this house with the kitchen secluded all by itself but I’d surely like it!


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    Looks like a great plan for you! Me? I would put the kitchen in that tiny space that you’ve got for the laundry, and make a sewing space in the kitchen! Did I say I hate cooking?! LOL

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    Marianne says

    Love it! I too, like to do my own thing in the kitchen with the music blasting. I hate t.v. and never watch it. My brother and SIL used to have a house with this floor plan when they lived in California. Only they had another single car garage on the other end of the house.

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    pdudgeon says

    Christmas gifts for Vince and Chad….stereo headphones for watching TV. i use them at our place and they work great!

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    I’m with you, but all my guys think…TV…the bigger the better. I’ve held them back to this point, but one of these days there will be one of those big honkin things somewhere in my house. How big does a TV really need to be?

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    Karen L says

    The biggest mistake I made with my home is putting a TV in the kitchen!!! It was a custom cabinet so I can’t even change it out to something else. The best thing I did with my house is, family room (where the TV is), is on one floor and the living room (where there is no TV) is on another floor. Its not hard to figure out where I spend most of my time.

    Karen L

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    Yep, it’s a weird house plan and I don’t think I’d want my kitchen on the other side of the garage. We move so often that I have a dream house that combines the best things of all the places we’ve been….of course we’ll never build this house of mine either.

    We’re sacrificing SO much space to live downtown but I am excited about finally moving back into our own place. We close on Tuesday but won’t move until the week of the 14th. I can’t wait!