I’m Back – Full Report

Just a little tired but it was a great trip. Monday, Elaine and I drove to a cabin near Jasper, AR where we were to meet other quilters . . there were a total of 16 of us there. Here’s our cabin:


This is one huge cabin! I’m not sure how many bedrooms but I’m thinking there were 8, all with private baths, a nice kitchen .. really a great place, even though there was an ongoing battle with ants in the kitchen.

There were quilters coming from as far away as Texas and Nebraska and maybe farther. Elaine and I were the closest to the cabin and guess who were the last ones to arrive! Yep, us! In our defense, we did stop at Wal-Mart in Harrison, AR and spent two hours shopping for groceries since I was the designated cook for the group except for two meals which were prepared by others.

The major problem for me was that I forgot my camera, my laptop, and my GPS. The laptop wasn’t a big deal because I already knew there was no internet there. The GPS wasn’t a big deal, even though we took about a 15 mile ride south this morning when we meant to be going north! The camera was a big deal. I’m so sad that I didn’t get any pictures the entire week!

OK . . Monday night we got there and got everything all set up. Since that was the fartherest day from today, that’s all I remember.

Tuesday . . we sewed. That’s the next fartherest day from today so that’s all I remember.

OK . . the whole week kinda ran together and since I never saw a TV turned on (although some did watch Dancing with Stars on an upstairs TV), nor did I hear a radio, nor did I see a newspaper. I hardly knew what day of the week it was the entire time we were there. And, I didn’t care what day of the week it was, nor did I really care about the news . . I was sewing with friends!

I did get lots of sewing done, just a little knitting, a whole lot of chatting with my quilting friends, a bit of laughing til tears rolled down our cheeks. There were cakes and pies and cookies and biscotti consumed til we all thought we would pop. There were strawberry margaritas (made with fresh strawberries I might add!), limoncello, lots of wine also consumed . . which may account for some of the giggles and the lack of memory! 🙂

Today . . that far I can remember! Some of the crew left early. Some of the crew slept in (that would include Elaine and me!). Most everyone was gone when we got up but we were not the last ones to leave the cabin. It was rainy and so very foggy up on the top of that big hill or mountain we were on. We finally made it to Harrison and stopped at Country Corner Quilt Shop, a very nice quilt shop with very nice ladies. Yes, a little fabric came home with me but I have a very good reason for it and I’ll explain that later.

Elaine and I had skipped breakfast and by noon, we found ourselves in Branson and we were very, very hungry. We passed up Quilts and Quilts and went straight to Fuddruckers for a hamburger. Now, we’re full as little ticks and we’re ready to shop. We stopped at the quilt shop and a bit more fabric begged for my attention so it came home with me. More for that project I’ll tell you about later. I really didn’t buy too much but Elaine is so much fun to shop with. I’ll just blame her for what I did buy and I’ll feel better.

We left the cabin about 8:30 or 9:00 a.m., and I got home about 5:30 p.m. It’s amazing  that when Elaine and I travel together, the trip always takes twice as long as we think it will!

It was a fun week . . but I am very glad to be back home!


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    Evelyn says

    Welcome back! I was wondering if you would get a chance to post today!!! I usually like to go away, but home sure does look good when I finally come back in the door. Enjoy being home.