Stashbusting Report

The plan was to have a “knock your socks off” stashbusting report this week but then . . well, you know what happened . . I stopped at not one, not two but three great quilt shops and blew it. I still came out using more than I added but I had hoped not to add anything. Well, it was fun so . . who cares, right?
Fabric Added This Week – 12 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date – 53 yards

Fabric Used This Week – 19.50 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date – 80.75 yards

Net year to date: 27.75 yards used

Tell us how you did this week.  Be sure to link to the individual post and not to your entire blog.


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    pdudgeon says

    short and sweet again…
    fabric added this week: zero
    fabric added MTD: 2 yards 28 inches
    fabric added YTD: 33 yards 28 inches

    fabric used this week: 9 yards 04 inches
    fabric used MTD: 28 yards 05 inches
    fabric used YTD: 40 yards 33.5 inches

    net reduction YTD: -7 yards 5.5 inches

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    I can’t even remember what happened this week – I’ll have to look through my entries to see if I used any stash…at least I was too busy to add any.

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    Fran says

    Hi There, A friend pointed me in this direction when I confessed to being a fabricoholic. I see I am not the only person in the World who is quiltbefuddled… Also have a longarm quilter and love EQ6. I don’t follow patterns really… prefer to make up my own. I also seldom follow rules, so my quilts are totally ‘different’ to say the least. People seem to like them, even buy them… which is great because then I can buy more fabric! Problem is ‘when to stop’…. Sometimes feel I am drowning in it…. You will understand…
    Am very busy, have five quilts in various stages of production in my lounge, and several more in the sewing room. Have figured out a system which seems to increase production… gave a talk about it to our Guild…. can send you a copy if you like.
    Live in South Africa where the internet is very expensive, so only connect up at the weekends when it’s cheaper… can’t waste quilting money!
    Am a Gran with a young spirit. LOVE America, have been twice to see my sister in Philly and we toured up and down the East Coast. Don’t think I will come again though… I don’t like crossing the ocean in a tin can full of gas at great speed and height. Have a great week. Greetings. Fran.