The Fabric & The Plan

Several times during the retreat I heard Elaine say that she loves Log Cabin quilts and has never made one. Elaine does gorgeous hand quilting! One of the ladies at the retreat had a gorgeous log cabin made of reds and tans that she didn’t bring out to show us til yesterday. Elaine and I were sitting on the sofa and Elaine said again how much she loves log cabins. A deal was made! I’ll make two identical (or almost identical) log cabin quilts and Elaine will hand quilt them. What a trade off for me . . I can machine piece them and she will do the hand quilting. I hope she doesn’t re-think this deal because I definitely think I’m getting the best end of this deal.

We decided we wanted ours to be red and tan too so I began buying fabrics for them today.

Here are the reds I bought, and I will supplement them with reds from my stash.


And, here are the tans, which will also be supplemented with fabric from the stash.


The green that is underneath the tans – that’s a green that I bought on my way to the retreat because I needed it for one particular project but .. I didn’t get around to working on that one but I will do that later this week I hope.


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    What a deal! Love your fabric choices. Love log cabin quilts. I have the strips cut for one, but it is not sewn together. It’s on my Finish It Up List. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your quilts.