Log Cabin Challenge

There are so many ways to set log cabin blocks. Here are a few simple settings I came up with today using EQ and the reds and tans.




One of my favorite log cabins is Mary’s Autumn Cabin. Actually, Mary is quite productive. I went to her blog and did a search for “log cabin” and came up with a dozen or so quilts. So, if you want to see more, go to Mary’s blog, and in the top left where you can search, type in “log cabin” and see what all comes up.

Being the competitive quilter that I am, I was thinking about these two log cabin quilts I need to get made and I’d like for my friends in blogland to make log cabins with me. All of you who mentioned that you were wanting to make a log cabin quilt, here’s your chance (and, you never know when you may get another chance like this in your lifetime!) 🙂

The quilts shown above finish at 61″ x 79″. The blocks are 9″ finished, using 1-1/2″ cut strips. Each quilt requires 48 blocks. I think I can make 2 blocks a day. I think if I start tomorrow, I can have 48 blocks made in 24 days. Actually, I think I can make them all in 23 days because I leave for Paducah on April 23 and I’d like to have them all done then to take to show Elaine.

Who will join me? Do you think you can make 48 log cabin blocks by April 24??? Just to be nice (and you all know I’m so very nice!), I’ll make the deadline April 30. I’ll be back from Paducah by then and if there are any takers on this challenge, we’ll figure out a way to get all our pictures posted by then.

The blocks do not have to be sewn together to form a top — just make the blocks.


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    Betty J in OKC says

    In Paducah, can we meet fWeds or supper? I’ll be there early Weds and all day on Thurs.

  2. 3


    I haven’t made a log cabin quilt ever, though I love them. I am game, 1-2 blocks a day should be possible even with work and my 6.5 month old. What can I say, I am just a sucker for punishment! 😉

  3. 4


    Ok…just make the blocks, right? I so love log cabin quilts. I’d want to be a bit wonky…is that ok? I can’t buy fabric so…I’m waffling a bit, but I can’t resist. I’m in.

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    The log cabin is probably my favorite pattern and I love the red and ivory that you are doing! I have a log cabin with 4″ blocks in progress so I’ll pass on this one although I am VERY tempted!

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    I’m glad to see you posting today, Judy…I missed your posts while you were on your retreat!

    I might play, but like Paula, I’ll be cheating! I’ve got a pile of about 80 log cabin blocks already finished, just waiting to be ieced into a top. Maybe I’ll get myself together and get that project finished. It’s been at least 6 or 7 years since I did those blocks (all in one looooong weekend).

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    I love log cabins but have only attempted to do one since I started quilting. I may join you in this! You sure do come up with some fun ideas!!

  7. 10


    Yep, I have one in progress right now too so I doubt I’ll make any more blocks before the end of August but my goal is to get this top finished in the 7 days or so.

    I wish I could claim credit for that Autumn log cabin quilt but it was straight from a book called the Best of Black Mountain Quilts – I added a couple borders to mine but the color scheme was straight from the book.


    I can’t wait to see these quilts.

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    Kathy Rockey says

    Hah, I have strips cut and red centers cut and blocks just waiting to be born, already the right size and everything. I’m in!

  9. 12

    Karen L says

    I just did a king size log cabin quilt last year!!! Can I just use that one and call it good???

    Karen L

  10. 13


    I’m going to pass because of the time of the year it is at work. I’m kinda snowed in until the end of May. But I LOVE the layouts you’ve shown. Wow! They’re gorgeous! Lots of “negative space” for some beautiful quilting! (Hugs)

  11. 14


    I’m in, I have so many strips in my scrap basket, but I warn you, mine will be a bit wonky, since I will try to to a little bit “freeform”log cabin. The other side will be offwhite to calm down the colours and to let enough space for some pretty quilting. I am tempted by your layouts, perhaps the barn raising or a streak of lightning.

  12. 16


    Hi Judy! Hmmm. . I’ve got the Four Seasons Quilt Swap, the Miniature Booty Quilt Swap, blocks for our pastor’s retirement quilt, my sister’s long overdue wedding quilt, Quiltville’s Orange Crush Mystery and charity projects for my quilt guild. . . .but I think I can do 48 blocks by the end of April. . . count me in, but mine will probably be scrappy because red & tan won’t work in my house (but it might in the trailer??? hmmm).

  13. 17


    I’m in, and this is the inspiration I needed to get going again on a log cabin I started a long time ago. Six-inch blocks, paper pieced, wonky log cabins. I can probably manage four a day.

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    Toni says


    I just wanted to thank you for your Sticky Chicken Recipe….I made it today and it was wonderful..the whole family loved it. I think we found a new family recipe for chicken.

    I knew we were going to be snowed in today so I put the rub on the chicken last night and it proved to be the best thing I ever did.

    Thanks again.Toni

  15. 20


    i am in! this will be my first large size quilt. i have only made doll size quilts, but i love the log cabin block.

  16. 21


    Hi Judy,
    The red and tan combo looks great. I wrote on my blog my method for cranking out those blocks.
    Good luck–this is very pretty.

  17. 24

    Denise says

    Okay Judy – you know I love a challenge! What’s one more project to work on. Hmmm now to decide on fabrics since I already have two red/cream log cabin tops waiting to be quilted. Maybe those blues and lime greens that I’ve been trying to figure out what to use them in. Have to go wade through the stash and see what I can come up with.

  18. 25

    Denise says

    Well heck I had the number 24 stuck in my brain but that’s the date you had listed not the number of blocks to make. So now I have pieces for 24 blocks cut and of course ran out of at least two of the fabrics. That’s what I get for sewing in the week hours of the morning without enough caffine! So mine will be a bit scrappier with some different fabrics in the other half of the blocks but it’s all good. 😉