Modern Conveniences

Sometimes I just need to spend time with the longarm to get an attitude adjustment. Tonight as I was quilting, I was thinking how truly blessed I am in so many ways.

My family is pretty much healthy and happy; I love my house, I love my little town, and I love my longarm! 🙂

As for the material stuff . . if any of you remember, a few months ago, I bought a camera that I pretty much loved:

But Office Depot never would send my rebate back so I just took it back. And, I couldn’t decide between an SLR type or a regular point and shoot and ended up getting this one:

Well, I like it ok but I kinda don’t like it. I love that it has a 15x optical zoom and I can get closeup pictures of those darned deer when they’re across the street feeling all safe and secure with the distance between us. I hate that I can’t stick it in my purse and never know it’s there. It’s big and it’s heavy. I’ve been moaning about it since I got it.

And, since I was in a moaning mood, the only telephone I had in the basement was a plugged in type phone that has about a 3″ cord. It sits on a shelf and when I’m downstairs, I’m either sewing or at the computer and when the phone rings, I have to get up, go answer it and stand there in one little spot, bent over to talk and then the thing still ends up falling off the shelf. Most of the time, I don’t even answer the phone when I’m downstairs because I hate that phone. I had asked Vince if we had a cordless phone I could put down in the basement (he probably has a dozen still in boxes but doesn’t know where they are!).

Being the sweet, trying to get back on my good side, husband that he is, Vince was out of town today and stopped by a Target! Oh, I do miss Target! He bought this camera for me. Same exact size as the camera I loved, almost the same everything (new one is 7.2 megapixels where the first one was 8 mp but the new one has 4x optical zoom and the other one had 3x). I can stick this camera in my purse and never know it’s in there and I’m so happy to have it!


And, he bought a cordless phone for the basement. And, he bought a printer for Chad. I guess we junked the printer Chad had in KY and have never put another one in his room so now he has one and . . everything is real close to perfect in my little world!


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    How nice that he picked all of those things up for you!

    I bought a new camera last week. It is a Canon S5. While it is not a SLR camera, it is pretty darn close. Yes, it is bulky, but I like the pictures much better than my little point and shoot.

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    Evelyn says

    Glad to hear that you are happy! And sometimes it is the littliest things that can annoy us so much (like your phone), so it is nice that you don’t have that issue anymore! I have a BIG digital camera with many interchangeable lenses and it does take great photos, but my very favorite camera is the little digital Sony I have – always in my coat pocket for the many things we see/do along the way without toting a camera bag. Shoot – that thing is so little that it even fits in the back pocket of my jeans when I don’t have any other options! Now, how can you complain about that? Enjoy your new goodies.


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    pdudgeon says

    Awwwwwwww. Big smiles for ya!
    Isn’t it great when hubbies do the little things we love.