What Were They Thinking?

I wish that whoever invented this size memory stick could live a day at my house! It looks big enough in the picture but it’s actually 3/4″ wide and less than 1-1/4″ long.


I’ve had two of these since last spring when I bought the first 8 MP camera (the one that I loved and took back!). With two of them, I could usually find one. I know . . some of you are thinking keeping up with these things shouldn’t be such a problem but . . remember that I have a clutter problem, that I have a desktop downstairs, a desktop upstairs and a laptop that is usually attached to my hip.

Why can’t these things be just a little bigger? How much space do you actually save by having these little micro mini memory sticks? I’d be happy if my camera took a floppy disk . . I might could find that! I found all the old memory sticks . . right where they were supposed to be! But these aren’t what I needed!


Last night after charging the battery for the new camera, I began looking for the second little Pro Duo memory stick. Each camera needs one, right? Couldn’t find it anywhere! I asked Vince if he had seen it and got this smug look. I know he was thinking . . If you would keep up with your stuff, you wouldn’t always be looking for things. I asked Chad and I know he was thinking . . Don’t look at me . . I haven’t touched yours!

They both went to bed at a reasonable hour. I can’t stand it when I know I have something and can’t find it. I searched til about 1 a.m., went to bed, got up and began searching again. I did finally find it and it was sitting right on the coffee table. I don’t know how I overlooked it. Honestly, I think Vince or Chad put it there after I spent hours searching!

Forget that I wasted all that time. I did find some things that I thought I’d lost and things I didn’t know were lost. In my desk drawer, I found two $100 bills that I didn’t even remember putting in there. In my bedside drawer, I found two rings that I thought I’d lost! Many years ago, I found a diamond ring in my flower bed.  I asked the former owner of the house if it was hers and she said it wasn’t.  I’ve had it all this time and kept meaning to take it to the jewelry store to see if it’s even real.  The diamond looks good but the setting is kinda cheap looking.  I’m thinking it’s not real.  I kept it in my purse for a good while after we moved here, thinking I’d run in the jewelry store one day and ask them and never did.  Then . . it wasn’t in my purse any more and I thought I’d lost it.  It was in the bedside drawer.

My wedding ring used to be a solitaire diamond with ring guards with diamonds. I then had the setting changed to where my ring now is just one ring with the diamond in the center and a diamond on each side. For the longest time, I carried the ring guards with me (which is actually one thing and the ring just slips down inside it), hoping to catch Vince at a weak moment and he’d buy me a new solitaire to put in the ring guards. I finally gave up on that wish and didn’t remember where I’d put the ring guards. Maybe I’ll start carrying it around with me again in hopes he’ll really want to get on my good side and he’ll buy me a new diamond. Or, maybe one day when I have on a T-shirt that isn’t full of holes, I’ll go down to the jewelry store and pick something out and begin dropping little hints.

Or, maybe I’ll just forget the whole diamond thing and ask for a garden tiller so I can have a garden again!


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    Speaking of What were they thinking, what was Ringsurf thinking when they re-vamped their blog rings?? They don’t work ‘normal’ anymore. =(

    My laptop has a spot to put a SD memory card directly in, but my cameras one of those XD types. Sigh. I had to buy a little adapter that plugs into a usb for it. Which of course I lost the cover to. I ended up putting a ribbon on it so I can put it around my neck with my scissors. That way, if it’s not in the camera, it’s on the ribbon!!

    Seriously, take that ring in, you just never know! My grandma had some older ones that she thought were junk. My mom took them to the jeweler one day on a whim. The stones were real, settings not. It’s speculated that they hocked the gold for the stone during the depression. You just never know! It’s just fun to find out.

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    Love the feathers on the nine patch quilt – they’re perfect!

    I have 2 camera’s and 4 SD memory cards. If I take a memory card out of one camera to put in the computer – the one in the computer (or laptop) goes right in the camera. It works for me and I always know where to find them.